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United win Powell race

Teenager describes Old Trafford move as 'a dream come true

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buddymagoo3884d ago

He is the reason why we let Pogba go. Would much prefer this fella as he is English and we are the team he has supported from being child.

Scores some cracking goals too!

zeddy3884d ago

the goal he scored in the play off final was amazing!

Golden_Dive3884d ago (Edited 3884d ago )

Pure Talent and a young fella
Seen what he can do with the ball from anywhere with anyway

I rather have him over Pogba anyday , goodl luck with him United Fans

Anderson83883d ago

i've never seen him play but i hear good thing.. duno if he's on pogbas lvl but i hope so seeing as we've let a few youngstas go recently.. great that he's english too

jak3y13oy3884d ago

Can't wait to see this guy in our kit!

Powell will probably start at the bench or maybe the reserves but I can see him breaking through to a first team player!

Welcome To Old Trafford!

XboxInnovation3883d ago

He's got a nice frame and moves well.