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Highlights: Denmark 2 – 3 Portugal ( Euro 2012 -- 06/13/2012 )

FootyRoon -

(0-1)Pepe 24'

(0-2)Helder Postiga 36'

(1-2)Nicklas Bendtner 41'

(2-2)Nicklas Bendtner 80'

(2-3)Silvestre Varela 87'

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lugia 40003887d ago (Edited 3887d ago )

Ronaldo... please get the hell out of Portugal and go back to Madrid -_-

Great match by Portugal except for one guy. Jeez.

Heres his missed goal:

Golden_Dive3887d ago (Edited 3887d ago )

You expect him to do everything right every match? lol
The Best footballers dont always have a good day on the field...
He Missed alot of chances score should of been 5-2
Two One - On - Ones... He might it up though hopefully on the Dutch next match.
Excellent game enough said
Varela goal silenced the Danes...
Now Netherland have to beat the Germans in order to stay in...

lugia 40003887d ago (Edited 3887d ago )

If we had an advantage of 2 goals it would have been alot better. I doubt denmark will win to germany. And even if the dutch win to portugal by 1-0, we would have the 1 goal advantage and would pass.

Now we have to draw the game I think.

This is if Netherlands lose to Germany.

--Onilink--3887d ago

lugia 4000
if portugal loses by 1-0, both teams will be at -1.

asmith23063886d ago

He has never played well for Portugal when it comes to the big stage and he is their captain now, time to step up and score some one on ones don't you think?

doncorleone3887d ago

It sure was day off for Ronaldo. But let's be positive, the fact that he had those chances shows that Portugal can create opportunites, and that's a good thing, knowing that ronaldo would have scored these normally...

Mozilla893887d ago

Was really pulling for Denmark but what a goal by Varela to take the lead. Imagine if the Dutch beat Germany today, everyone will have 3 points!

FootballZilla3887d ago

I nearly had heart attack when bentner scored the second goal omg... thank you varela had to be a porto player;) CMONNNN

doncorleone3887d ago

Crazy match, contender for match of the tournament! Thank you Varela!Força Portugal!!!

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