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Harry Redknapp bound for Tottenham exit

The Spurs manager is currently in the process of negotiating his departure from White Hart Lane, despite dismissing speculation surrounding his future on Tuesday...

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freeduck3624d ago

Sky reporting that he is leaving Thursday.

Huge loss for Spurs, he was the right manager for them I doubt they can get a manager as good as him.

Players like Bale and Modric are bound to leave now.

Anderson83623d ago

definitely i see a big clear out at spurs with bale modric and maybe vdv leaving.. wonder why this happened an where he'll end up next

Mozilla893623d ago

I think if a manager like Moyes comes in, he could convince them to stay. I can't see another manager that can keep them in the top five though. AVB doesn't have a job yet...

XboxInnovation3623d ago

Redknapp is probably leaving because he knows Bale and Modric are leaving

ProjectVulcan3623d ago (Edited 3623d ago )

Ridiculous decision by Levy and Spurs. Redknapp turned them from relegation candidates into top 4 material and Champions league contenders inside 2 years.

This will hurt Spurs badly, because i can't see how they can hold onto players wanting to follow him out the door. Big mistake.

The fact that only a miracle from Chelsea and incredible circumstances kept them out of the champions league again....Sure enough their form dived, but they played so well for so long. Only tweaks for next season would make them extremely dangerous. Bale, Lennon, Walker and Modric are still young. So many talents in their side have years ahead of them.

Personally think Harry Redknapp is a class act as a manager. Hope he gets a real top job somewhere else soon.

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buddymagoo3623d ago

He must be sick now not to have banged the door down of the FA

silvacrest3623d ago

this is a real shame, i dont see spurs challenging for the top spot without him