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Real Madrid star Ronaldo snaps back at Danish fans: Where's your Messi now?!!

Real Madrid star Cristiano Ronaldo hit back at 'Messi, Messi' taunts from Danish fans last night.

The Portugal ace helped his nation to victory over Denmark in a Euros thriller, despite the abuse from fans.

Responding to questions from Danish journalists, Ronaldo snapped: "Do you know where was Messi on this point? Do you know? He was being eliminated in the Copa America in his own country.

"I think that's worse, right? I'm happy to be here (Euros).

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lugia 40003888d ago

Wheres my Ronaldo when he missed a less than 20 meter goal?

It was because of you that we almost tied and were gone from the Euro.

Corepred43888d ago

What's up with Ronaldo lately? He used to just ignore these kinds of things. Now he's starting to talk trash in a way. Guess those ties and win against Barca are getting to his head. Stay level Ronaldo. Still a fan but chill.

wantedboys3888d ago

Yes Ronaldo need chill and focus on the next match but on the same time people need to shut the F**k up stop criticize him. Even if he fails score he must better footballer, famous and richer than all the people who criticize him. Why Ronaldo need to respect these kind of people if they did not respect him!!

Fans are being sooooo annoying stop complaining and criticize Ronaldo and enjoy the F***King game is that hard??!!

venom8913888d ago

Didnt ronaldo lose a euro cup final in his country?

wantedboys3887d ago

Yes he did but he was only 19 years old!!!

KingPin3887d ago

LOL at the danish fans screaming a players name that doesnt even play for their country.

insecure much?!!

if they were chanting Bendtners name then ok, fair enough. lol

fans need to wake up, chanting another players name for doing something your own players cant do is like supporting the guy who can satisfy your wife coz you cant.

XboxInnovation3887d ago

Has nothing to do with their players, they were taunting Ronaldo with messi chants because he's better, which pisses off Ronaldo and gets him off his game

jony_dols3887d ago

Well considering that Denmark have actually won a Euro before (in 92), and they topped their group in qualification (ahead of Portugal), I'm pretty sure that they feel no insecurities when their team plays against the likes of Ronaldo!

Corepred43886d ago

Then why would they bother trying to ridicule him? lol Yeah cause people are picking Denmark over Portugal, right? Your reasons are weak.