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Highlights: Spain 4 – 0 Ireland (Euro 2012 -- 06/14/2012)

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(1-0)Fernando Torres 4'

(2-0)David Silva 49'

(3-0)Fernando Torres 70'

(4-0)Francesc Fábregas 82'

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lugia 40002710d ago

Ireland's crowd is simply amazing. 4-0 and fans are still singing.

Mozilla892710d ago

Totally agree, I don't mean to steal Tommy Smyth's line but if Ireland's team were as great as their fans they'd be unstoppable.

terrorofdeath2709d ago

It's that Guiness I tell you! :)

MaximusPrime2709d ago

also the scene was amazing, both Spanish and Irish supporters cheering together throughout the game. yes together.

I really enjoyed that game.

mcstorm2709d ago

I agree and this is how football should be. I love football but im also a Massive Rugby and Ice Hockey fan and in both them sports we can drink in the stands and supports form all sorts of teams sit next to each other and they mock each other but in a good way as well as sing together.

This is what sport should be about not fighting. Its sad that Ireland are out now but I hope they can get a win in there last game for the fans

asmith23062710d ago

Our fans are the best in the world, 4-0 down and they never stopped! Team wise, we were humbled by players whose level most of our players have never played against. We need to bring in the young lads into midfield next campaign. McCarthy, Coleman, Houlihan, McClean, Fahey. We need to field the best players we have every game and ditch the loyalty attitude.

silvacrest2710d ago

this was the expected result but the Irish fans were spectacular

PaPa-Slam2709d ago (Edited 2709d ago )

What a wonderful Irish crowd, No Doubt.

This was a rather 1 sided game & finally Torres started and got 2 Goals, if they had let him stay on the field longer, he might have gotten the 3rd one.

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