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Xavi breaks European Championship passing record

The Spain midfielder accrued 136 passes during La Roja's 4-0 win over the Republic of Ireland on Thursday, surpassing Ronald Koeman's haul for the Netherlands.

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alousow3710d ago

of course he will, he only does series of short unnecessary passes to his teammate on the side line or to the def. Look at pirlo 70% of is passes create scoring apportunities.

sdtarm3710d ago

i like how you take this stat out of nowhere

alousow3710d ago

u friend do not watch pirlo play tune in next time italy is playinng. So far he got a assist and goal. What did xavi do? Nothing but short serie of passes

ProjectVulcan3709d ago

Sorry but have to agree on the big whoop everything too. Football isn't about how many times you can pass the ball, its what you do with it. This record = meh

kulka3709d ago

And Spain are the world and European champions and are the favourites to win this as well and Xavi's role is invaluable.

ProjectVulcan3709d ago (Edited 3709d ago )

Meh. Not saying Xavi isn't an important player but i don't care for the record. If someone tried purposely to beat it they probably could by passing it around the back 5. But say beating the scoring record or assists record....that would be immensely difficult and worthy of applause.

You can't argue with Goals and Assists. The fact Xavi had a billion passes against Chelsea in two legs in the end counted for mostly nothing didn't it.

Nes_Daze3708d ago

Those "unnecessary passes" are part of a style of football that he contributes to for Spain and Barcelona. That's the way those teams play, they pass around to maintain possession as much as possible, and eventually make goals. Two different ways of playing the sport..

Corepred43710d ago

Big whoop. Passing record? lol This guy would sit back in his own 18 and pass the ball back and forth the whole game if he could.

Golden_Dive3709d ago

Jealous much? if it was a Real madrid player, you would defend what any one says about him.. Lmao -
Bubble Down

Corepred43708d ago

People still use that phrase? Something much? lmao @ u! Passing is important, yes, but like I said all his passes could be one but he turns into like 3, lol. Luckily, your bubble down won't do anything.

kulka3709d ago (Edited 3709d ago )

I actually think Xavi is the best midfielder of his generation. He retains the ball very well he has the skill which makes it nearly impossible to take the ball of him. He starts all the moves for both Barca and Spain, he can tackle very well and is physically strong for a man his size.