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Highlights: Sweden 2 – 3 England (Euro 2012 -- 06/15/2012)

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(0-1)Andy Carroll 23'

(1-1)Glen Johnson 49'

(2-1)Olof Mellberg 59'

(2-2)Theo Walcott 64'

(2-3)Danny Welbeck 78'

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lugia 40004008d ago

Sweden should have one more chance :/

Great game.

mafiahajeri4008d ago (Edited 4008d ago )

Agreed sweden should have won lucky England. Best game so far I hope ukarine qualify.

Golden_Dive4008d ago

Welbeck - Walcott - Caroll

Amazing game with 3 quality goals - I feel bad for Sweden though
England well played

ProjectVulcan4008d ago (Edited 4008d ago )

Great game for the neutral. Pretty shocking for England fans though. England made Sweden look much better than they are with some atrocious defending. Can't believe Johnson didn't clear out with the rest of the defence, or Mellberg getting a free header. In fairness, had England just got some very basic defensive positioning correct in the freekicks, Sweden would not have scored. They were both following from set piece situations.

England's goals were all classy though. The job got done, but only just. Absolutely must get better for the final group game, Rooney and Welbeck up front to start i hope.

I have given Carroll some stick myself over the past season i felt he deserved- but he was very good tonight, alongside Welbeck. They both did their very best to hold up the ball in difficult positions and worked hard.

Young wasn't great but he still needs to play against Ukraine. Milner shouldn't play on the right ahead of Walcott or Ox simply because he never looks like he can beat defenders but both of them can.

Anderson84008d ago

i think ppl are still overestimating england.. we didnt make them look good we're just an avg team at the moment as well but the defending was terrible for their goals.

ProjectVulcan4008d ago (Edited 4008d ago )

By 'people overestimating' you mean me? Rubbish. Most people understand England are not world beaters, expectation has never been lower. I don't think England are a great side at all, but they are better than Sweden and gave away some poor goals to them. I haven't forgotten that this England team is still missing players that should really be in the first squad.

By either full strength or weakened squad, England are a better side than Sweden individually, if not quite organised collectively to their potential. But it is still early in Hodgson's reign. That was just the 4th game!

It will take better organisation of the side to get very far, which can be improved with the existing players but probably not enough for this tournament to get beyond the quarter finals.

England are clearly not even favourites to win the group, but there is a reason why Sweden are finished already and England have an opportunity still to continue into the knockouts.

England have shown a bit of resilience against France, and now against Sweden. That is at least one quality i haven't seen in an England team for a long time. That is a reason to be cautiously positive.

I have no real expectations for this tournament as i stated beforehand. So i am quite pleased to see England still in the fight, after the Irish and Swedish are gone, and even the Dutch may follow this weekend.

Sahil4007d ago

"I have given Carroll some stick myself over the past season i felt he deserved"

Stick over his past england performances?

jak3y13oy4008d ago

What a bloody good game!

I'm appalled of the England defending for the two goals for Sweden, nobody was there!

Since Walcott came on he changed the game! With a stunning goal and a great assist!

Bring On Ukraine!

Dark114008d ago

I hope England lose to Ukraine.

lugia 40004008d ago

Its likely tbh.

Sweden proved to be equally matched against England.

zeddy4008d ago

it is likely. its 50/50 with england who knows what will happen.

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The story is too old to be commented.