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Croatia vs Spain Preview Euro 2012

PGE Arena Gdańsk — Gdańsk
Referee:‬ W. Stark‎

Unlike the second match (Italy – Ireland), this match from the group C should be much more interesting, because both teams are still in the race for placement in the next round, and certainly with all forces they will try to come to these three critical points.

However, there are two scenarios in which both teams could reach the quarterfinals,and the first one is if Italy fails to beat the Irish, while the second scenario is if Spain and Croatia play a draw, but with at least two goals on both sides. Otherwise, these two selections so far have weighed their strentgh four times , and it was always in friendly matches.

Somewhat more successful was Spain who has achieved two victories, while Croatia just one, and one meeting without a winner

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Psychonaughty3876d ago

This game proved what I already knew, Spain are overrated.