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Juventus make £24m offer for Chelsea striker Fernando Torres

The Turin giants have turned their attention to the Spanish striker as Napoli refuse to sell Edinson Cavani, and the Old Lady have already tabled a first bid for the Spain forward...

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XboxInnovation3626d ago

He'd fit in with Juve. He has the body for Italian football. Juve still need a central playmaking midfielder that can move the ball well and set up the strikers.

asmith23063626d ago

Pirlo not good enough? He is still the best playmaker in Italy and still one of the best in Europe. his move to Juve seemed to have rejuvenated him (no pun intended). Top assists in the league. On topic, I don't think Torres will be going anywhere now that Drogba has left, although I would love to see him play for Juve.

XboxInnovation3626d ago (Edited 3626d ago )

He's a great passer, but he does not move the football well, he is slow. I'm talking a player that can advance the ball himself to set up the strikers, a true attacking midfielder. Someone like a Mesut Ozil, Luka Modric or Samir Nasri, perfect examples.

GanjaMan3626d ago

have u never heard of pirlo?

silvacrest3625d ago

i highly doubt he would leave now, drogba is gone, he will be the main striker for chelsea, hes getting what he wanted

The_Devil_Hunter3625d ago

I hope he doesnt leave. He finally was going back to form towards the end of the season and hes done well with Spain. I hope he stays.

silvacrest3625d ago

yeah, i agree that hes doing well for spain, i dont see why he would leave

MYSTERIO3603622d ago

let him go its better for us united fans anyway lol.