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Highlights: Croatia 0 – 1 Spain (Euro 2012 -- 06/18/2012)

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(0-1)Jesús Navas

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Anderson83619d ago

Croatia should have won this they had the better chances

ProjectVulcan3619d ago (Edited 3619d ago )

Spain just got the win here. Croatia did very very well. It'll certainly give the runner up of group D ideas of how to combat this Spanish side because the Croats nearly did. If that happens to be England or France then they have an even better chance against Spain.

Spain are safely through and will probably have to play a bit better to retain their crown. They are certainly capable of it, the goal was great. But i can't help but think they are quite beatable, Croatia had some golden chances they just didn't convert. A better side might very well be able to go that extra step.

Spain are still favourites for me alongside the Germans, the final almost seems destined for that. But i suspect we may have some upsets before then...

lugia 40003619d ago

Handball at corner in favour of Croatia.

Croatia could win if they just scored the foul.

Kur03619d ago

also busquets pulled down a croatia man by the arm and shirt right before he headed the ball at the corner. Should have been a penalty.

GanjaMan3619d ago

once again referee favouring the spanish side :/

PaPa-Slam3619d ago

This was always a Spain's game, but Croatia did put up a good fight.

Overall: a great game.

And what was with all the HandBalls in the game. there were like 10 of them.

FlunkinMonkey3619d ago (Edited 3619d ago )

To b honest, not sure how this was always a Spain game, they always seem to have more possession, but Croatia had better chances...

If that free header had gone anywhere else except for the keeper, could have been a different story..

Maybe if the Spanish would spend less time appealing for minor nips at the feet they could have scored earlier. Most teams players are generally far to soft in my opinion, i hate the strategic need act like a little girls blouse because someone slid near them

Yea, mad amount of hand balls.. Croatia also had a case for a penalty by Ramos

Good games ahead tho, I'm sure England will make me want to throw my cat at the TV as usual.. but lets hope for Italy next round (If Ukraine dont pull somethin out the bag!)

rawd3619d ago

Croatia flubbed, they had so many chances but weahhhhhh they didnt get a penalty call. Would they like some cheese with that whine

DEATHSTROKE_cro_3619d ago

grow up, kid.
you can play against Spain but you can't play
against referee. Spain was nothing special.
and you all saw that.
Croatia got 6 yellow cards and didn't get 2 penalty
kicks. even Spain professionals say that
(link below)

first penalty on Mandzukic, second penalty on
Corluka. Spain player was holding him with 2 arms.

those are facts. and nobody is crying. Croats are
proud of their players. they played with heart and
didn't give up

rawd3618d ago

Dude the players cried to the ref the rest of the match. I'm not sure what game you were watching. Croatia should have had even more yellows, for all the cheap shots in the first 20 mins... like the cheap donkey kick on Jordi Alba that the ref missed