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Highlights: England 1-0 Ukraine (Euro 2012 -- 06/19/2012)

48' Wayne Rooney


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lugia 40003617d ago (Edited 3617d ago )

And referees ruin the game once again.

buddymagoo3617d ago

He was offside anyway no game ruined.

lugia 40003617d ago

They didn't call the offside, meaning the game went on - taking that into consideration, it WAS SUPPOSED TO BE A GOAL, which they magically overlooked. If they had called it offside, no problem, they'd be right, but since they haven't, they failed to serve justice twice.

buddymagoo3617d ago

Ah well.. it evened itself out. Justice was served in the end.

ProjectVulcan3617d ago (Edited 3617d ago ) Clearly offside.....two wrongs here did make a right. Ukraine will moan but frankly if it had counted, then England should feel hard done by and rightly so.

Ukraine played well, but did they really create a lot more clear cut chances inside England's box? Not really. England had a free header missed by Rooney and some good set pieces. However even the header at the near post that Ukraine should have buried was offside as well- but it wasn't spotted either. Poor poor officiating. Maybe you could argue Ukraine deserved the draw. England shouldn't care too much though and people shouldn't make too much of a fuss, because they would have still won the group with only a point from tonight and they were good value for a minimum of that.

England seem to be getting better for me. I mean its gradual and baby steps, but it is there. You have to grow at these tournaments. Spain have hardly been at their best either. England are worthy winners of that group over the 3 games for me and fully deserve their quarter final spot. No one would claim it was stunning football, but they were solid, tenacious and persistent for the most part. Ukraine and Sweden lost 2 games, France lost one. England never really looked in danger of actually losing any of these games for any more than a few minutes. They opened the scoring in every game and only trailed for about 5 minutes against Sweden. France if anything have gone backwards and gotten poorer.

The Italians are a good team and worthy opponents but I don't rate them as any better than France as a side. It'll be a tight game, I have the Italians down as slight favourites to take it but its a toss up. Think there could only be 1 goal in that one. England could make a semi final appearance here, if they get a little bit of good fortune. If it ended there, i would say they have exceeded expectations.

gaffyh3617d ago

@lugia - Well the referee didn't call a goal either by that logic, so it wasn't a goal. Honestly though, even if that goal counted, Ukraine wouldn't have gone through the group, so it doesn't even matter.

Mozilla893617d ago


The reason you think they're getting better is because they're playing against weaker teams than at the start of the tournament. I wish them the best but put this team against quality opponents and they'll be found out.

ProjectVulcan3617d ago (Edited 3617d ago )

The reason i think they are getting better because THEY ARE. Everybody at this tournament qualified and got through bar the hosts, and playing the hosts is nearly always tricky and difficult.

Sweden and France are quality. Not top 5 quality, but both are easily inside the top 20 rankings in the world, and Ukraine have host advantage- much like Poland played well above their level really. You are talking about playing one of the favourites, who also happen to be ranked inside the top 3 and were favourites before the tournament even started. England never were.

England had so little time to prepare for this tournament and as i said, you have to grow and get better as you play together at these competitions. England definitely have improved especially defensively, Terry and Lescott were great against Ukraine. There is always more to work on.

England are not going to win this tournament, because there are better teams around. But they definitely deserved to win that group- I don't see a case for any of the other teams in it after they all had at least one very weak performance except England, who battled through uglily at times but staunchly. Lest we forget how this tournament was actually won in 2004....

Ukraine knew they had to come out and win and attack but England dealt with it. Scored, kept it tight and didn't concede. I have yet to see an absolutely amazing performance from anyone yet, teams usually just doing enough. 1-0 1-0 1-0 and anyone left now are Champions.

England can scrap their way through this tournament and personally i don't think they would care what other teams think of the style. France moaned about it, but they are the ones that are going to see the beautiful football they apparently desire to play against up close on Saturday against Spain. Good luck with that'll need it

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Nes_Daze3617d ago

That goal that wasn't counted would've had a huge impact on the game for Ukraine. Hopefully this will make FIFA wake up.

Anderson83617d ago

it wont.. look at england vs germany at the world cup that didnt wake em up so why should this?

although now its benefiting england we'll probs see goal line tech in the next game!

jak3y13oy3617d ago

Blatter hates England,

look at the post i just submitted...


Kinect3616d ago

the whole world hates british cunts

asmith23063617d ago

England got lucky here and didn't play well in their other two games either. I can see Italy beating them. Also, what is the point of these officials at the goal line if they can't see the ball go over the line?

zeddy3617d ago

we didnt play good but can anyone remember last time england played good? all that counts is that we won and we made chances, plus we even won the group somehow. their goal was offside and even if they gave it, england would still have won the group 1-1. great performance by stevie g again, passing, crossing and tackling, our best player.

kulka3617d ago

England finnaly has a good captain who can drive the team. For me he should have been given the role ages ago.

Mozilla893617d ago

Says the Liverpool supporter ;)

I'm not complaining though, Stevie G has been one of my most consistent performer in the fantasy league!

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