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Blatter: Goal-line technology is now a necessity

After Euro 2012 co-hosts Ukraine were denied an equaliser in their pivotal Group D clash with England the Fifa president has succumbed to pressure and admitted it is a must...

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jak3y13oy3617d ago

How ironic... -.-

So you say 'it's part of the game' when England get a disallowed goal from it but now you say it's a 'neccesity' when it is the other way! -.-

He really hates England :/

Kinect3616d ago

oh u english fans please cry me a river , u guys r always the victims ..

guigsy3617d ago

But not two years ago when England lost out.

Kinect3616d ago

just stfu bitch , its gettin old and u do realise that u guys lost 0-4 , so a goal allowed or disallowed wouldn't have done shit

AJ Hartley3616d ago

Err no dick head it ended 4-1 the goal that was disaloud was the second goal which we scored as they were on 2 aswell, we scored like 2 in 5 mins but nope disaloud! T
hats why we complain could of been different.

Abdou233617d ago (Edited 3617d ago )

It was an offside,same as the one right before it, so i guess we need a robot line man

Ares903616d ago

you know what I was thinking? a sound signal.

shadowraiden3616d ago

well if they decided to implement the hawk eye system there testing they could use one of its features to work out offside aswell.

caseh3616d ago (Edited 3616d ago )

Don't think it will happen myself, will ruin the flow of the game.

In rugby it works, play is often stopped due to the nature of the game and the referee actually has some level of respect. He decides when to call for a replay of the action and talking sh*t to the ref demanding a look at the replay will just result in you being sent off.

In football, you would have players swarming the ref squealing like lil piggies every time the ball goes near a touchline.

Totally off-topic but have you noticed when any Italian player decides hes been fouled his face automatically looks like hes been kicked in the nut sack closely followed by lightning striking them and throwing them to the ground. Most teams/players do the lightning strike thing but not the FACE OF PAIN! haha.

Kinect3616d ago

u too bitch just stfu

Fez3616d ago

Bloody hell, try and be a bit more constructive Kinect! You just used 3 bubbles and added nothing to the discussion.

All you had to say was that goal line technology works by signalling to the ref via an ear piece or similar mechanism to indicate that the ball has crossed the goal line. Therefore, goal line tech won't ruin the flow of the game because the game will only be stopped when it should be stopped.

Not sure if a similar system could be used for all touchlines but perhaps hawkeye with a number of challenges per match could be implemented. Which could include the problem of diving and other situations... with a limited amount of challenges meaning players have to be sure they are correct.

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