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Kagawa completes Reds move

Shinji Kagawa has passed a medical and agreed a four-year deal with United.

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listenkids3877d ago

Let this kid replace Young and for Young to never play a match again, pure waste of space.

ProjectVulcan3877d ago (Edited 3877d ago )

Don't be silly. Kagawa needs to play as a creative attacking midfielder not left wing, that is certainly his best position. Ashley Young had a poor Euro tournament for England, but the few games before that he was on fire and scored 4 in a row. You can't play at your very best every single time.

Young had never made an England squad for a major tournament before, this was his first and his first in the first team squad.

Who would you have rather played there for England? Downing?? Don't make me laugh. Young will come back for United and England and rediscover his form.

Sahil3877d ago (Edited 3877d ago )

Gerrard 6.80

Johnson 6.38

Carroll 6.03

Welbeck 5.90

Rooney 4.75

Young 4.60

Henderson 4.35

Andy Caroll played 130mins whereas Rooney played 210mins, still above him!

HATERS GONNA HATE. Serves you Right, Hating on Liverpool players when they were picked.

ProjectVulcan3876d ago (Edited 3876d ago )

I have no idea what you are banging on about Sahil. Posting reader ratings for England players? Whats that supposed to mean to me? Pointless. They aren't even stats, just opinions.

Gerrard was a class act, but the stats show Carroll gave the ball away so so often especially in the Italy game. Just 53 percent pass success rate. Rooney's was something like 80 percent. Carroll brought the ball down from goalkicks just great, then proceeded to give it away immediately. The Italians didn't even bother challenging him in the air, they just waited for him to control it and give it back to them! Poor.

Downing is simply not as good as Young, Young is indeed younger lol and a few poor games for England will not demote him below an inferior player like Downing. Before the Euros Young was superb. Everyone has a dip in form. Course for Downing that means entire seasons of mediocrity :D

Either way it is indeed stupid to suggest Young should never play again for England or Man Utd. Kagawa will play as an ACM, and Young will still play on the left for United when the new season starts

Sahil3876d ago (Edited 3876d ago )

WOW.. comparing Rooney and Caroll's pass sucess rate, unfreakinbelievable, Rooney is man utd's best player whereas Caroll has just started his career at a big club. They both play diff roles at their clubs, IF you've seen caroll play.

I DIN'T EVEN SAY downing shud be used before young because I KNOW downing isn't good enough(am not blind) There are other players too!!

2 Liverpool players played full 90mins every game, Johnson and Gerrard, Caroll scored a wonderful being his first MAJOR international tournanment and all, they were all better than the shite that you had on the pitch.


ProjectVulcan3875d ago (Edited 3875d ago )

Who is the you that you refer to Sahil?

Of course you can compare Carroll to the other forwards. You can't call Rooney or Welbeck or Young shite when Carroll gave the ball away more than anyone else in the games he played in....the main problem England suffered from.

Anyone who makes up the excuse like you did is talking utter crap :)

But then this is about Kagawa this topic. This is about someone talking about Young and Kagawa not useless Liverpool players. If you continue to bang on like you have done off topic you'll have to be reported

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silvacrest3877d ago

young had a bad euros (like van persie btw) so he should never play again?? GTFO

listenkids3877d ago (Edited 3877d ago )

At the level we want United to play, yes.
Van Persie proves himself week in, week out.

I also implied him playing for United again, get him sold.