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Highlights: Germany 4 – 2 Greece (Euro 2012 -- 06/22/2012)

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(1-0)Philipp Lahm 39'

(1-1)Georgios Samaras 55'

(2-1)Sami Khedira 61'

(3-1)Miroslav Klose 68'

(4-1)Marco Reus 74'

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lugia 40004177d ago

Portugal = More defence, less attack, less effectiveness

Germany = More attack, less defense, more effectiveness

Germanys tactics work better :) I think theyll win euro 2012.

Kinect4177d ago

nope England will win ... if only they trim the charcoal ;)

wantedboys4177d ago

Ozil is the best player he won the man of the match and he deserved that award

Golden_Dive4177d ago (Edited 4177d ago )

Cloud1983???????????????????? Lmaooooo

Where are you pal did i not tell you germamy was going to run through your greece?

- Great performance by Germany!
- Greece at least tried

Kinect4177d ago

really ? thx captain obvious ...

Kinect4176d ago

have a good day nigga :)

PaPa-Slam4177d ago

What a match, the first 5 minutes had more action than most match in round 1.

Germany totally dominated, i watched the game with my Father and he repeatedly said, the whole game is being played in Greece's half and he's not that into football that much.

After watching today's performance, I'm 99% sure Germany will reach the final and maybe who knows, they might take home the trophy.

silvacrest4177d ago

greece gave a bigger fight then i thought they would

doncorleone4177d ago (Edited 4177d ago )

I didn't watch the game live, so I said the same thing to myself seeing the score. However, after I watched the match. this was clearly one of the most one-sided games of the tournament, Germany was really dominant. Greece barely had 2-3 chances and, as in the past, they took those chances.

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