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Highlights: Messi and Friends vs Rest Of The World 7-7 (World Masters Tour - 23/06/2012)

Lionel Messi scored three goals and helped set up three others for the Masters team in a 7-7 draw with the Stars on Saturday night in the World Soccer Masters Tour.

Messi created a goal for Rondon in the 82nd minute and scored in the 84th minute to tie it at 6-6.

Edison Cavani's penalty kick in the 88th minute gave the Stars a brief lead, but Ariel Ortega converted a penalty of his own in the 90th minute to preserve the draw in front of a 48,327 crowd.

Luis Suarez scored three goals for the Stars.

It was the third and final stop for the all-star tour that also had events in Cancun, Mexico, and Bogota, Colombia.

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lugia 40003616d ago

I always miss these games...

Golden_Dive3616d ago

It was Falcao Not Cavani , lol

Anderson83616d ago

wasnt the last one of these with messi and dinho also 7-7?

GanjaMan3616d ago

is this real? does this even come on tv, if yes wat channel?

Golden_Dive3614d ago

Foxsoccer or Gol Tv On Comcast