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Highlight: England 2 - 4 Italy *Penalties* (Euro 2012 -- 06/24/2012)

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Full 90 Minutes = England 0 - 0 Italy
Penalties: England 2 - 4 Italy

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wantedboys3999d ago

Italy deserved it and England bye bye

Kinect3999d ago

England were smart, they saved themselves from 5-0 crushing by the Germans. At least now for Germany it wont be straight forward walk to the final as they face italy rather than that overhyped shit called England ..

BryanBegins3999d ago

What I don't get is that England seems to always lose at the penalties. Then why do they play so defensively like they just want to make it to the penalties?! lol

I'd support England but just to avoid another boring game in the semi, I was actually happy for Italy. Germany vs Italy might be the best game so far.

Computersaysno3998d ago (Edited 3998d ago )

Wow, you're a stupid idiot arent you? Chelsea were an inferior team. They never won at penalties but they played for them in the Champions League final. They won. Oh wait, you are from North America. That explains how you know shit about football! You're excused.

Germany v Italy won't be the best game. Italy are quite boring really and will lose quickly.

ProjectVulcan3998d ago (Edited 3998d ago )

England did the best with what they had, i think everyone realised it was either squeezed out by Italy, or well beaten by Germany. For 20 minutes or so England played to a level good enough to have beaten Italy- but it just wasn't sustained. Isn't that the same old England though?

I think that with everything that happened in the run up to this tournament, England did ok. Roy made the best with what he had and although it wasn't pretty in any of the games, they were still in it up until the penalty shootout. England kept themselves in it with just fight, which only gets you so far. But it was good to see that fight, after a horrific World Cup campaign with nothing, at least they had that.

England have to rebuild the side now, and evolve the young players. Roy has 2 years to remould the team and setup. I think Jack Wilshere is the exact sort of technical central midfield player England are crying out for, and they need him to fulfil his potential. Alex Oxlade Chamberlain needs to keep developing, clearly he is very talented and has a bright future.

England have other sparks around, Welbeck showed some bright moments, and did fairly well- despite feeding off nothing but scraps. Smalling and Jones can grow together at Manchester United and break into the first team eventually. Kyle Walker looks like a certain for many more non too distant England caps too. These players are all about the future.

It should all now be about the future of England. A future that with the right kind of guidance, can be positive.

BryanBegins3998d ago

God, we sure didn't miss your super long and useless comments for the last 2-3 days. Write a blog if you think you have so much to say, not comments.

freeduck3998d ago

Welbeck? Man, he was invisible the entire game. Carroll did more as a sub than Welbeck did all game.

So much for the Man-Utd combo of Young, Welbeck and Rooney. No one linked and it looked as if they played with each other for the first time.

Young did nothing, what people said about Downing pre-Euro's can be said about Young post-Euros

silvacrest3998d ago

im no man u or liverpool fan but you cant go so hard in bashing united players when the only liverpool player worth mentioning was gerrad, hendson was invisible, carrol did nothing, downing???

ProjectVulcan3998d ago (Edited 3998d ago )

Welbeck had a good tournament, but was was limited with what he could do against Italy. Absolutely nothing was getting through to him as the man up top. When he managed to actually get the ball facing Italy's goal he linked up well but it was hardly raining chances for him...

He was replaced by Carroll, but Carroll had more misplaced passes than anyone in Italy's half, with only half of his passes finding an England shirt. Absolutely shocking and was culpable more than anyone in the latter stages for losing the ball on attacks- especially when he was brought on to win it high and hold onto it. You look at his pass success rate against Sweden as well and it was dismally low compared to Welbeck or Rooney's in the other games. It is awful for Liverpool too, no coincidence. That was a poor substitution when England needed to hold up the ball, not give it away so easily.

Ashley Young had a poor Tournament but he was great before it. He looked burnt out but with only Downing to replace him properly on the left no wonder Roy didn't even dream of making that change!

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jak3y13oy3999d ago

That was the worst i've seen England play EVER!

Italy totally deserved the win though it hurts to say it.
They had pretty much 110 mins of possession :/

We cant keep the ball at all and terrible at the counter attacks, we are too slow!

Once again we lose on penalties... :(

Sahil3999d ago

Italy deserved it just for the Pirlo pen alone.

Kinect3999d ago Show
freeduck3999d ago

Pirlo's penalty was amazing

Anderson83999d ago

he was class all night, ran the show.. dunno how milan thought he was past it.

also dunno how rooney still gets played when he's not on form or fit.. it costs the team all the time jus look at the last world cup

Anderson83999d ago

same ol story.. possession wins games at this lvl you cant expect to go past the quarters without it.. pirlo was class 442 is outdated and we need a manager who's teams play good football, redknapp, rodgers etc and not just focus on being organised.

we have the players but not the mentality but with the likes of cleverly, wilshire, ox and hart coming through theres still hope aslong as we introduce the youngsters and phase out the old ones who have already proven many times they are not up to it.

ProjectVulcan3998d ago (Edited 3998d ago )

When Germany were smashed at World Cup 98 and then crashed worse than England at Euro 2000 there was a massive enquiry and restructure of the way Germany dealt with development.

They made it mandatory for every professional club in league 2 and above to have a youth academy. Some were forced into creating one, or they would not have been allowed to compete. Their football association demanded better facilities for development, and coupled with the top 40 or so professional clubs, invested a fortune into their youth programmes and coach certification.

There are more than 6 times as many Uefa 'Pro' certified coaches in Germany as there are in England. Spain has 14 times as many. FOURTEEN! That is besides the number of coaches for youth with lower A and B certifications....tellingly more than 10 times as many in Germany as England.

England don't really have the players right now, and we don't have the infrastructure of other top European nations. Finally however, I think we have realised this (about a decade late) and are taking steps to correct this incredible gulf. St. George’s Park is nearly completed. It looks fantastic. "Every other country that has won the World Cup or a European Championship has a dedicated national training centre."

It'll be at least a decade before we can actually see the results of these changes. It'll take time. Lets just hope we can keep moving in the right direction.

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