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Highlights: Portugal 0 - 0 Spain AET (2-4 Penalties) (Euro 2012 - 27/06/2012)

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First 90 Minutes: Spain 0 - 0 Portugal
Penalties: Spain 4 - 2 Portugal

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lugia 40003877d ago (Edited 3877d ago )

In the end Spain deserved it and Bruno Alves shouldnt have scored a penalty. Too nervous.

Portugal got a better ball possession than Spain... thats rare.

ProjectVulcan3877d ago (Edited 3877d ago )

Spain were the better side for more of the game. Portugal's gameplan worked pretty well but they started to tire and it showed. Spain didn't score in open play though....i already said that they are not quite as cutting and clinical as they were a few years ago. They do miss Villa's finishing. They were more ambitious when it came to the end of the game, trying to win it.

So in the end the right team reached the final but they will still have to do better to beat the Germans who i fancy to attack Spain and score. If Germany dispose of Italy tomorrow which i feel they should, they might even go down as slight favourites for me in the final.

They seem able to play in many styles and just find the result. Much as they did against Portugal in the group stage. It'll be superb to see the Germans have a go at this Spanish side.

Corepred43877d ago

Lol Negative! Spain only started to really do anything towards the end of the second half and extra time. Don't know why Bruno shot instead of Ronaldo. I'm sure he's pissed. Where did all these defenders with nice shots come from?? Pepe, Pique, Ramos (where was that shot during the Bayern penalties!).

--Onilink--3877d ago


well bruno was only #4, they cant really change the order once they make it, and the 5th penalty is just as important(assuming you make it that far) which is why they left it to Ronaldo

ProjectVulcan3876d ago (Edited 3876d ago )

Spain were the better team. Several reasons:

Portugal managed to disrupt Spain for the first half- but did not capitalise on that. In fact they wasted vast amounts of attacks by shooting from impossible angles and distances. You cannot waste the freekicks like they did, you cannot shoot from stupid angles which they did countless times instead of checking and crossing.

Spain managed to keep Ronaldo out to the left. The major threat. He has clearly been much more effective inside, and centre. This ensured he did not have a great game.

In the second half these things continued, but by then Spain had adapted and started to really dominate by the end of the 90 minutes. They dominated Portugal by the end of 90, and through the 30 of extra time in a manner that Portugal never dominated Spain at any point in the game.

Indeed, in extra time, Portugal were scrambling about and seemed to be hanging on for penalties with the odd poor counter attack that was rushed and broke up quickly. Spain also had the best chances of the game- Xavi and then Iniesta.

When it came to the real crunch, when it mattered most, Spain attacked in ET and tried to win the game. Portugal couldn't.

But then besides all this, the penalties alone Spain deserved it. Portugal were criminally bad in the shootout. For one leaving one of the best players and kick takers in the world til the 5th kick. Two for not being organised enough with Alves. That was surely a psychological blow to him what happened. You could feel his nerves when he finally took it and even the Spanish team looked like they knew he would miss.

Your best takers should ALWAYS ALWAYS go first. Its frickin common sense because tonnes of shootouts are over before then. You hope your best takers will score, and reduce the pressure on the later takers. If you save your better takers til later, then you can either waste them, or are just showing how you expect to be losing the shootout. Its the wrong message to send.

freeduck3877d ago

Another Germany vs Spain final

Going to be an amazing match both sides fantastic.

I feel bad for Portugal they have played really well this tournament and Bento is a good coach, but Spain definitely deserved to win today.

Don't know why Ronaldo didn't want to take a penalty, usually he is confident enough to take the first one.

wantedboys3877d ago

I think Casillas know him so will thats why

Mozilla893877d ago

Portugal have really proven me wrong this tournament. I didn't think they were able to compete against the elite but they've played well enough to be considered top 4 or 5 in the world.

Nes_Daze3877d ago

I think Portugal showed an edge over Spain in the first half, but progressively they grew tired. Spain was good in the midfield but just couldn't finish up front. In the end, they deserved the win, and I'm glad to see the better team win.

wantedboys3877d ago (Edited 3877d ago )

Now Portugal lost now see the haters of Ronaldo are happy and they think that messi will win his fourth ballon dor and they say that Ronaldo was scared to shoot a penalty!! I hate those people I support Spain but I want to Portugal to win just for Ronaldo

go see the comments about Ronaldo on OMG are people that stupid

sdtarm3877d ago

is the same people that will complain when messi does something good... so whats your point? you could argue either side

Corepred43877d ago

Nobody complains when he does something good. It's just that not everybody gets on their knees when he does.

sdtarm3877d ago

im pretty sure they do complain, and its because theres always gonna be "stupid" ppl who will complain and bitch either way

krazykombatant3877d ago (Edited 3877d ago )

Sad result. IMO Portugal were the better team in the 90 mins and just grew tired. The team was really lacking in terms of accurate passes. Pathetitc passing at time, it was an absolute joke the penalty kick by the 4th Portuguese players (cant remember how to spell his name). Ronaldo, should have gone first after the keeper kept the ball out. The Spanish movr on but barely, seriously cannot stand listening to stupid haters who have nothing better to do but gloat at Portugal and jump in the Spanish bangwagon.

Still very good match till then. Sad way for the Portuguese to go out but thats football.

EDIT: In all seriousness what game were you ppl watching spain the better team for most the match???!??? You must be kidding, Portugal had the edge first half, it was a stalemate 2nd half with only both teams having 1 shot on goal. And for the last 30 mins spain started to show up. Based on that spain is the better team????? Hahahahaha okay sure whatever. The spanish move on but barely, Portugal played a greay match and stopped the spanish from having the huge ball possession and being comfortable for 90+ mins yeah they couldn't seal the deal at the end but come on.

After this I see Germany or Italy finding a way to put away the spanish. Gotta love the commentators here in england how they always say "ohhhh spain hasnt played well, they havent shown up". Without giving opposing countries there deserved compliment for upping their game.

Nes_Daze3877d ago

Ok I'll bite, it seems there's a lot of people here on the defensive about Portugal's loss, maybe because Ronaldo didn't score or whatever. Before I respond, I will say he played one hell of a tournament, that kid was visible on the pitch left and right. Now on who deserved the game more, Portugal showed an edge over Spain in the first half, yes, they were more precise up front, and surprisingly gave them trouble in the midfield. However, in the second half and into the extra minutes, I think Spain had the edge.

They had about 2-3 chances to score and just had bad finishing. In fact, Arbeloa missed a good shot in the first half. Iniesta had a clear shot at goal but Portugal's goalkeeper was great at defending his net. Then when Pedro came in it seemed like they had more power up front. Portugal got tired, Spain took over, both teams had their chances at goal, I think they are the better team based on their midfield, defense, and the titles they carry on their backs.

krazykombatant3877d ago

Im not going to give you some scolding or something that stupid. Just dont like ppl saying "ronaldo is a choke artist blah blah he cant score goals" he did play a great euro, but for the getting the ballon d'or ir just isnt good enough if he doesnt win the tournament.

I think Portugal were the better team because of the fact that they took spain out of their game for 90 mins. Either way the Portuguese are in desperate need for a good midfielder. Someone that can feed the ball accurately to the strikers. I can see this team making it far in the WC2014

Nes_Daze3876d ago

I already saw a headline at Times I think where they say "Where was Ronaldo"? I find it funny that these players play their hearts out on the pitch and they get so much BS from the media. Whether he deserves the ballon de oro or not is practically up to opinion though, so I won't go there, but I can see why you would say Portugal was the better team, they played a great match and tourney.

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