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Germany – Italy Match Preview

Stadion Narodowy — Warszawa

In the second semi-final match of Euro 2012, which is scheduled for play this Thursday night in Warsaw, strenght will weigh big rivals Germany and Italy.It is interesting that just as Portugal and Spain, and those two teams in the first part of the championships played in groups B and C, where the group stage they have ended without a single defeat.

Otherwise, it is interesting to note that in four of their mutual encounters played in this century, the Germans have never celebrated, while Italy recorded three victories, of which the most important was the one six years ago in the semi-finals of World Cup which was played in Germany .Since than Germans have changed a lot of things and found they winning formula.

And to make things even worse, the hosts these two goals have conceded in the last minutes of the second overtime, so that now definitely Germans have a huge motivation for the revenge .

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KingPin3610d ago

watching previous Italy matches i can say this with 95% confidence

1) a German player is going to get sent off. whether it be by 2 yellows or 1 direct red. just judging by the way the German defenders defend and the way the italian forwards/midfield crumble over when challenged.

2) every header that comes during the matched, when challenged for the ball in the air, the Italians will grab their ears/head/face and go down. a free kick will be given.

3) if Italy are winning, they will waste time every chance they get. if they are losing, they will go down every chance they get to maximize stoppage time.

Sahil3610d ago (Edited 3610d ago )

not 100%? well.. nobody gives a shit.

Take your Italy hate somewhere else, they've played fair so far.

England fan?

KingPin3610d ago

German fan actually.

and if u think Italy played well so far you must have low standards of soccer.

take it you think Liverpool play good football too. when was the last time they won a trophy that actually meant something.

ngecenk3609d ago

no they haven't played that fair. and they usually came up with their best-performance-actors when against stronger team. like the current German. I bet there will be a lot of yellow on the german side!

silvacrest3609d ago

soccer? seem to know your FOOTBALL so use the right terminology

Golden_Dive3609d ago

You dont shit either - Wtf is soccer you idoit

dont try to think you know more than anybody

Sahil3609d ago (Edited 3609d ago )

HAHAHA... Italy dived and cried for their win against germany.. LOL idiots.

Low standard of football by germany.

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Nes_Daze3609d ago

Well currently they are giving Germany quite a surprise, 2-0, and Mario ballotelli scored two, serves this site right for all the haters he has here.