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Super Mario Is Up There With Messi and Ronaldo

The BusyWire Writes: I watched in total bewilderment how Cristiano Ronaldo and his teammates were prematurely ejected from the Euro Competition, Ronaldo who has been greatly criticized for poor performances in his country suddenly became the hero for Portugal and I thought for once that this was the time for Ronaldo to prove his critics wrong. Quite unfortunately, before I could even give my thoughts a second consideration, Ronaldo was no where to be found, he and Portugal had crashed and it was Spain who finished the job.

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sdtarm3872d ago

errrmmmmmmm not at all

Golden_Dive3872d ago

He will match RONALDO if he wins the Euro

- Now give me the disagrees Haa

Golden_Dive3871d ago

Give em to me , thats what your good for every time I dis Ronaldo haaa :)

360ICE3871d ago

When did you "dis" Ronaldo?

kulka3872d ago

Nope Messi and Ronaldo are better and unlike Mario they can behave on the pitch. City almost ost the tilte because of his off and on the pitch antics.. But when his brain is on he can be a decent player but it will take years before he grows up.

KingPin3872d ago

lmao one good game against a german team that had an "off day" and now his up there with the soccer elite. rrriiiiiight.

Chidori3871d ago

Haha I know right man. The kid definitely has talent, but at the same age Ronaldo and Messi were showing that world class potential and doing much more on the pitch. Balotelli isn't even on Neymar's level, and he's still worlds apart from Messi and Ronaldo.

Golden_Dive3871d ago (Edited 3871d ago )

Neymar hasn't even stepped in Europe-
Neymar didn't take brazil to the copa america final did he? Yet Super Mario smacked 3 nice goals in the Euro tournement and could beat ronaldo for the golden boot if he scores in the final, there are huge differences from a club & country -

Ima Laugh My Ass Off When Ronaldo face drops when he doesn't get the Ballon d'Or Lol'
Really doesn't deserve , didn't win nothing but the la liga is that more prestigious than a Euro Trophy Or Ucl Trophy
Hope Note '

XboxInnovation3872d ago (Edited 3872d ago )

Hard to compare because messi and Ronaldo play in the worst defensive league on the planet .

Corepred43872d ago

Did you barely get into football? Do you not remember Ronaldo shredding the premier league too?

KingPin3872d ago

not really. maybe for messi yeah but ronaldo scored 31 goals in 34 matches for the red devils in the 07/08 season. has Mario even scored half as much in the same league in a single season, i think not.

yezz3871d ago

well messi has been the top scorer in champions league for four yers in a row too.. ronaldo and messi are in their own league..

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