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Manchester United to play Barcelona in pre-season friendly

The pair have met in two of the last four Champions League finals, plus the 2008 semi-final.

More recently, they met in Washington last summer as part of pre-season preparations for the 2011-12 campaign.

One notable absentee will be Ryan Giggs, who is due to be confirmed as an over-age player in Stuart Pearce's GB Olympics squad when it is announced early next week.

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Nes_Daze3609d ago

Already knew, don't like watching Barca's pre-season games though, they are painful to watch, especially if they play in the U.S. I remember when they were beat by Chivas or some crappy team like that here in the states, I think the coaches stress the importance of not getting injured to the players, so they play like crap.

buddymagoo3608d ago

So does everyone else in friendlies.

Nes_Daze3608d ago

True, but for Chivas it was an honor to play against Barca, they wanted to win because they had not much to lose.

The_Devil_Hunter3608d ago

Chivas is the team your Chicharito was in before arriving to Man U.
People usually dont Guadalajara is Chivas

zeddy3608d ago

i seriously doubt after the season they've had including the euros and spain their best players will even come on the tour.