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Highlights: Spain 4 – 0 Italy (Euro 2012 - 01/07/2012)

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(1-0)David Silva 14'

(2-0)Jordi Alba 41'

(3-0)Fernando Torres 84'

(4-0)Juan Mata 88'

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wantedboys4108d ago

Only for the Italian team, if you want to beat the Spanish team, send the word "sueño" or "dream" to 1010.


buddymagoo4108d ago (Edited 4108d ago )

Spain only look so good because the competition has been so poor in recent years.

Germany haven't won anything for years.
France finished bottom of their world cup group
Italy finished bottom of their world cup group
England are just England and have always been hopeless
Portugal had to win a play off to get into the Euros
Holland have been hopeless of late and fluked thier way to World cup Final
Brazil have not been the team of the past and are only starting to bring through players like they used too

These are just the facts but people choose to ignore them.

HxCGamer4108d ago

^ lol oh ok...
everyone is claiming that they might just be the greatest national side in history, but you will not even give them credit... be reasonable man

sdtarm4108d ago

HxCGamer is right, after all they have all the key players that have made barca the best club team in the world for the last 4 years

KingPin4108d ago

normally i agree with you but this time its hard to.

Spain beat germany 2010 semi-finals
spain beat france in euro 2012
spain thrashed italy now.
England are always disappointing
Spain beat portugal in euro 2012 semi finals
spain beat holland 2010 WC finals
Brazil havent been as consistent as spain in recent years

these are facts my friend. give spain credit. they are playing great football and are beating the competition.

OT: just shows you how lucky italy were to catch germany on an off day in the semi finals. they got raped by spain. but it was entertaining to watch.

Sahil4107d ago

2008, 2010, 2012.. the competition has been poor for the past 3 tourns?


buddymagoo4107d ago

There has been no great international sides to challenge Spain. Spain have always been favourites.

Would they cope against France 1998 - Brazil 1970,2002

People, you can't say a team has been anywhere near as great has Spain have been which leads to no competition. Hence me saying it.

jak3y13oy4107d ago

I laughed at the England Part ;)

Sahil4107d ago

Accod to you, Germany are no competition. Din't GERMANY knocked out Arg and Eng in the WC by good margins and that same Germany team was knocked out by Spain, they were playing some of the best football in WC.

No Competition?

Don't know whether Spain can beat the Italys, Brazil and Germanys of the Past. But they sure are up there with them.

Man up and accept the fact that this spanish team will go into the history books as ONE OF THE GREATEST TEAMS EVER.

buddymagoo4107d ago (Edited 4107d ago )

That was a young German side in transition of which everyone knew.

Spain are good but have had no competition. Even a poor portugal held them to 0-0 over 120m. They struggled to score against Croatia and at the world cup were beaten by Switzerland.

Spain are good but have had no true challengers and are not exactly a goal scoring team unless the opposition has 10 men.

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Kaneda4107d ago

I don't like Spain.. but they are so good, they have no competition. Italy looks tired at the end, because they couldn't get the ball. Chasing for the ball for 90 min is no fun...

lugia 40004108d ago

The real final - Portugal vs Spain

wantedboys4108d ago

Portugal was only team that came close to beating Spain, they were the only team that Spain didn't score against.

Portugal was fantastic, and this result shows just how well they did to hold Spain to penalties.

I support spain

zeddy4108d ago

portugal were good but they only defended and counter attacked which is understandable but i would like to see a team go toe to toe with them instead of defending and hoping for pens.

solid_si4108d ago (Edited 4108d ago )

1970 Brasil VS Current Spain...that be the match to see who the best is of all time.

Pele's 1970 BRASIL invented modern game of football that spain likes to play...possesion holding, space finding goal scoring team.

That team would challenge spain for sure...

Kur04108d ago

This spain team is a joke and I still don't see why they are compared to 1970,82 Brazil and Beckenbaur's Germany. They aren't even level with 2002 Brazil or Zidane's France.

jak3y13oy4108d ago

This is why Spain is the best team in the world...

True class from the Spanish!

rickhunter894108d ago

argentina and brazil are the best.

freeduck4108d ago

As much as I like Spain, Italy did not deserve this huge loss.

Unstoppable Spain, best team in history.

krazykombatant4108d ago

Ok I was agreeing with you but some of you saying this is the best team in history wow... just stop right there before you say something more incredibly stupid.

oli4108d ago

This team will be remembered and it will go down in history, but not as the best team in history. By saying this you sound like you're not taking into consideration Brazil or Germany.

MaximusPrime4108d ago (Edited 4108d ago )

Well Spanish can do internationals but not Champions league :P /jk

Well done to Torres and Mata.
Mata got on, and just one touch, he scored. Must have been the only player in Euro 2012 to do so.

To be honest, it was rather a boring match.. I was kinda hoping Italy to win but nevermind. There's always world cup next.

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