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Why Chelsea and Manchester City Have Not Destroyed Football with Big Spending

Except history doesn’t exist then the allegations that Chelsea and Manchester City are destroying football is certainly a fact.

Each time Chelsea and/or Manchester claims a title; the general consensus is that either of the team did not deserve it, insisting that they bought success with money. While this argument has some element of truth in it, it also pertinent to note that the issue of big spending did not originally originate from Chelsea and City as eventually all the top rated clubs have used their huge financial buoyancy to oppress mid-table teams.

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PaPa-Slam4170d ago

The haven't destroyed it completely, but yes it has damage Football to some extinct.

kulka4170d ago

Football is all about money now. Players get huge wages transfer prices are a joke. No body plays with heart and players are motivated by money and celebrity life style.

silvacrest4170d ago

this is the reality, as fans we just want them to play for the love of the spot without needing huge salaries but i wonder if we were in their shoes, would we be any different?

Dark114170d ago

Football is not a sport anymore it just business , deal with it people
money brings good players and trophies .. end of the story.