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2014 World Cup: Can Anyone Stop Spain From Winning Again?

BR - Going into Euro 2012, I was skeptical that Spain would win it all for several reasons. They were going into the tournament missing David Villa and didn’t have a great striker in form. In addition to that, they were missing captain, Carlos Puyol, who had been an anchor at the back in 2008 and 2010. But the biggest reason why I didn’t think Spain would win the championship was because of fatigue.

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Mozilla893868d ago

Well Xavi is going to be what 34 or 35? As good as Fabregas is Xavi is unique and they might not be so invincible.

oli3867d ago

To me the world cup is in between Brazil, Germany or Spain

Kur03867d ago

Spain won't make it against the likes of Argentina, Uruguay, and of course Brazil.

ACBAA3867d ago

Brazil is extremely overrated today. they are so last decade, kids going like wow brazil is playing they're the best in the world they'll obviously win is what bugs me

oli3867d ago

Playing in your country makes a big difference and Brazil will definately take advantage of this, but I do see your point to a certain extent. No one should ever count Brazil out.

Angerfist3867d ago

If Germany gets their Act together and Brazil has Home Advantage they will be more challenged then at this Euro