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Del Bosque and Spain’s Title Victory Puts José Mourinho to Shame

The BusyWire writes:During the opening fixture of the Euro 2012 competition, Italy engaged in the battle of their lives with the defending champions Spain. With Spain finding it completely difficult to adapt to the new 4-6-0 formation introduced and implemented by Vincent Del Bosque, Bosque pedigree was on the line but he knew he had to focus if he ever dreamt of keeping his critics shut. Italy created a lot of damages with Pirlo becoming a powerful and recognized threat but the highly exciting match ended 1-1 with Del Bosque getting hammered by critics across Europe for deciding to stick to a game plan without any recognized striker on the pitch but wasting them on the bench while 6- midfielders carried out the business of Barcelona’s tiki-taka to the amusement of everyone

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