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Female U.S. soccer star: "For the record, I am gay"

Less than a month away from the London Games, U.S. women's soccer standout Megan Rapinoe says publicly for the first time that she is gay.

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PaPa-Slam3202d ago

I really don't see the need for her to come out and say it, Sexuality is private - if she's Gay, Power to her.

PaPa-Slam3201d ago

I get 2 disagrees, for no reason.

I guess we have a couple of Homophobic among us.

SactoGamer3201d ago

Are you surprised by this?

Golden_Dive3200d ago

You care about what you say too much , Insecure ;)

PaPa-Slam3200d ago

well i do seem insecure due to my second comment, but i was just surprised that there were Homophobic in here.

That's all. :D

shadowraiden3200d ago

your statement is true but i feel she's trying to tackle a problem that is still in football and other sports in that their is still a sense of homophobic in sportsmen.

Corepred43200d ago

Yeah she really didn't have to say it. I'm not the only one whose gaydar could easily detect this, right?