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England up to fourth in new Fifa rankings

Roy Hodgson's men have risen two places in the football governing body's new world rankings, whilst Brazil have fallen out of the top 10 for the first time in history.

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kulka3614d ago

They only reached quater finals of Euroes so how can they be 4 in the world ?


Well I did a bit of research about these rankings and I took into consideration all our recent results including the Euro's and I have come up with this conclusion...

I haven't got a f**king clue.

Seriously what the hell FIFA?

BryanBegins3614d ago

The FIFA ranking is a joke, check it out (like on wiki) and you'll see that it makes zero sense. This is why we could get something as crazy as Norway 9th in Europe last year, during the draw for the World Cup 2014 qualifying groups! Norway, with no disrespect, hasn't qualified for a major event in at least 10 years. Yet, just because they had one "good year" where they beat France and Italy in friendlies, they were super high. What is funny though is that 2 months after this random draw, Norway... failed to qualify for the Euro (in a tough group I admit).

The UEFA ranking isn't perfect but already makes a lot more sense.

It's completely obvious England shouldn't be 4th in the world. But whatever I guess. I'm Swiss and I was very, very happy to get Norway as the top seed in our group last year lol Hey, it was either Norway or Spain, Germany, etc.

KingPin3613d ago

to me it feels like they just add players fantasy league scores together and voila. DONE!!

doncorleone3614d ago

Seriously??? Better than Portugal, Italy, Argentina,...?

silvacrest3614d ago

fifa need to sort this out

GanjaMan3614d ago

hahahahaaa is this a joke?

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