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Is Van Persie right in wanting to leave Arsenal?

Robin Van Persie joined Arsenal eight years ago and if we were to make the anticipated move up north to the new centre of footballing wealth in Manchester, then some animosity and accusations of perhaps even being disloyal or worse, a mercenary, would on the face of it be very unfair on him.

An understandable sense of gloom and anxiety will no doubt fall over the Emirates stadium, especially when you consider the contribution that he has made to the club, his goals may not have brought trophies in recent seasons but they have brought joy to football fans everywhere.

There are many players who are less gifted than him, who would have surely left a long time ago in pursuit of further glory and the small matter of a greater salary, but Van Persie has remained loyal to Arsenal for longer than was probably expected in view of the barren spell the club has endured.

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Yi-Long3859d ago

... then he should leave.

TBH though, the whole team is always playing to assist him in every way possible, he gets to take all the penalties, all the free kicks, and has all the trust a player can receive from his coach, playing for a team that has consistently played the most attractive football in the Premier League...

... so I doubt he'll find a place that special anywhere else.

Arsenal can get another talented stiker, show that player the same kind of support, and he'll also bang in 20+ goals a season, I'm sure. Van Persie was often supplied with 4-5 big chances every match. Any good striker will put away quite a few of those.

Sahil3859d ago (Edited 3859d ago )

Nice of him to fuck off when they stuck by him during his previous 7 injury-hit season. Given his all and more my arse!

on a sidenote, He leaves when he wants :D

zeddy3859d ago

for more money i'd leave. he's 29 and not getting any younger.

silvacrest3859d ago

its not hard to understand, top quality players want 2 things, silverware and huge pay checks, apparently RVP wasn't getting either at arsenal

Yi-Long3859d ago

... I'm sure he was walking down the door at the local salvation army... ;)

silvacrest3859d ago

lol, you know what i mean

chrisarsenalsavart3859d ago

arsenal will be fine without him. for the last 6 years, rvp has been injured more than half the time. And lets not forget that without walcott and song i doubt he would have score so many goals on hiz own

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