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Walcott future in doubt

Theo Walcott could be set to follow Robin van Persie out of Arsenal with media speculation suggesting that he is unhappy with his captain's desire to leave.

Walcott, 23, is in the same position as Van Persie - with a contract expiring next year - and is thought to be considering his options as the likes of Chelsea, Juventus and PSG have shown interest in the winger.

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freeduck3640d ago

Arsenal have to be joking, they don't renew contracts as often as they should.
LFC don't have this issue at all they constantly renew contracts throughout the year

shadowraiden3640d ago

and liverpool have the opposite effect they renew contracts to players who dont deserve new contracts.

freeduck3639d ago

Johnson, Kelly, Lucas, Gerrard and a few academy players have gotten new contracts within the past 12 months, and now Agger, Skrtel, Suarez will be getting extended contracts this summer.. All of them don't deserve it??

Dark113640d ago

At this rate Podolski will be the only one playing for Arsenal when the season starts.
who is next?song?jack? who???

Fucking traitors..

shadowraiden3640d ago

wouldnt blame them blame wenger hes the one who does contract extensions and again has proved hes quite poor when it comes to man management of his top players.