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Manchester United swap Park with Rooney on pre-season tour poster as QPR rumours gather momentum

The South Korean star was featured on artwork for the Red Devils' various trips around the globe this summer but has been removed with a possible switch to Loftus Road imminent....

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zeddy3607d ago

was a good attacking player when he first started. turned out to be more of a defensive player in the end. nobody on the team worked harder but he just isnt good enough technically, that was proved in the 1-0 city game loss.

shadowraiden3607d ago

tbh wasnt his fault he kept getting asked to play more defensive winger roles every game he played. Can remember when he started as a AMC against liverpool few seasons ago and ran the midfield perfectly even got a goal to win us the game.

and as for the 1-0 city game wasnt park's fault he was a good choice it was the fact we dropped our most inform player for our most out of form player in Nani replacing Valencia on the RW was one of most stupid decisions ive seen Ferguson do and he doesnt do many.

Killzoned3606d ago

It wasn't even Park fault, what are you on about? he was injured and just came back & Ferguson decides to play him in such an important game? It's because Ferguson felt that he needed park in that game but since Park just came back from injuries, his form/fitness wasn't there, it was too early for such a high pace game.

MYSTERIO3603607d ago

Park was a great player for manu its shame that he didn't get to play often for the team. He will be missed by many if he goes

guigsy3606d ago

He works hard for the team but that's all he does. We already have plenty of that type of player and not enough flair. He's been a great servant for us but he needs to move on in my opinion.