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Tired of the Messi vs Ronaldo Debate? Why not Iniesta for the Ballon D’or?

The BusyWire Writes: Iniesta did not score a single goal in the Euros but his magician football style extends well beyond goals. He is humble and very deadly in striking the knife into the jugular of the enemy.

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freeduck4247d ago

Iniesta was probably one of the best players at the Euros, overshadowed by the fact that he scored no goals. He's a very good contender for Ballon D’or

DavidLuiz44246d ago (Edited 4246d ago )

Shocked that Messi got it in 2010 ,
Xavi & Iniesta some of the best players in that tournament though neither got the Ballon D'or after what they achieved in the final

I still remember Sniejder not being one of the contenders when he rode Inter to the Final & Took the Dutch undefeated team in the final ..
How Messi won will remain a mystery , he fullu didn't deserve it honestly but anyways hope Iniesta gets it this time or Iker Casillas

MYSTERIO3604247d ago

Iniesta deserves it he works so hard creating goals for others and sometimes doesn't get the recognition he deserves. Him and Xavi should at least win it once in their lives for all their hard work.

KingPin4247d ago

whats the messi vs ronaldo debate. they equally above the rest of the pack.

xavi and iniesta are also top midfielders who deserve to get some recognition for the efforts.

and why dont defenders or goal keepers win anything. van der sar for example, first keeper to 50 clean sheets in UCL and Worldwide league record keeping clean sheet (1,311 minutes, set in 2008–09 Premier League).

PaPa-Slam4247d ago

This is a matter of opinion, we all have different favorites.

But he definitely did amazing in the Euro Cup, he's definitely a contender.