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The Robin Van Persie Saga: Why It's All About Money, Part 3

BR - If Robin van Persie's ill-conceived statement posted on his personal website on Wednesday, with its appeal to "vision" and "direction" stirred up the pot at Arsenal, shattering the hoped-for calm at the club this summer, Alisher Usmanov's follow-up letter the next day turned up the screw of tension a notch or two higher and threatened to unleash chaos at the club.

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PaPa-Slam3864d ago

Yes it's about teh monies, whoever pays the most.

Gamer19823863d ago

Its not about money this is yet anohter gunners fan who crying at the thought of losing a big player thanks to their team going nowhere. They are headed in the wrong direction football wise. However business wise they are doing great!

freeduck3862d ago

I'm pretty sure Arsenal can improve his wages if he wanted to, but he wants more than that. He is in his prime and wants to win something.

If there's anyone to blame it should be the Arsenal board, they are too focused on building a business and not so much of success.