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Man Utd boss Ferguson: Thanks Chelsea - you gaffed letting Drogba leave

Manchester United boss Sir Alex Ferguson has questioned how Chelsea will handle next season without Didier Drogba.

In the first swipe of pre-season, the Manchester United boss admits he was stunned to hear the Ivory Coast hitman, 34, had quit Stamford Bridge for Chinese outfit Shanghai Shenhua.

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DavidLuiz43857d ago (Edited 3857d ago )

He left as a Legend - I wished he had stayed though , doesn't really feel the same after he left -
Cant ever forget him but theres a reason why we got Lukaku , some mates of his said hes been practicing alot , hope he breaks out this season ..
Hes going to be our Drogba if he lives up to his potential - Hopefully it does

BTW: Hes irreplaceable ,
One Love , One Hero, ONLY "Legendrogba"

silvacrest3856d ago

indeed, drogba is a legend and we cant blame drogba for wanting to play out the rest of his career somewhere where he can earn phat loot

i think its ironic that fergerson can say this after letting arguably the second best player in the world go, yes they got 80 mil for him but still....

DavidLuiz43856d ago (Edited 3856d ago )

Ronaldo was class at Manchester United winning way more than where he used to be at instead of the la liga but the ironic thing is he can say that once Didier left I guess he's true , every final he had scored a goal for Chelsea broke a recorded 9 goals 9 finals think about what would of happened if lukaku was in the 25 man squad whenavb around , him and drogba could of been the power house of defence nightmares , but lukaku lost his confidence thanks to no playing time and now it will drop if he Chelsea try to get Zlatan since Roman sees him affordable .. I wish drogba luck he will remain in the books at Stamford bridge -

Corepred43855d ago

Didn't he learn his lesson about trash talking last season? R.I.P. Fergie indeed!

Gamer19823855d ago

He should indeed concentrate on his own team instead of others.

buddymagoo3855d ago

Yeah he did learn his lesson, he lost the league by 2 minutes without his captain all season.

krazykombatant3855d ago

Oh no no captain how will we ever cope!?!

These are grown men. One player shouldn't dictate excuses for the entire season.

buddymagoo3855d ago (Edited 3855d ago )

You so Krazy!

Look how Man City coped without their captain in the middle of the season and are you telling me City would have finished top without Kompany ALL season??

That goes for all teams! Chelsea miss thier captain when he is out as do Arsenal and Liverpool. It's a big loss

Computersaysno3855d ago

By one man you do realise that one man is easily in the top 3 defenders in the world right?

DavidLuiz43855d ago (Edited 3855d ago )

Vidic is Not even in top 3 but maybe Top 20 - 15 Football has changed alot pal - Vidic is not in the Top 3 anymore -
Sergio Ramos
Thiago Silva

To name Top 3 So Dont bring false claims

- Because JT Puyol Nesta are up with Vidic - There are plenty more '

Btw Man U supporter are giving the disagrees whats with this site , people are so bitter nowadays since something little may not go there way ' lol
I guess its true
R. I. P Fergie

Computersaysno3855d ago (Edited 3855d ago )

Vidic is absolutely world class and football certainly has not changed so much that he is outside the top 3 central defenders in the entire world when he was injured.

Pique is up there, but Ramos is not a brilliant defender and does not have the same defensive abilities as Vidic, no chance. He is much better as a right back and going forward than he is stopping attacks as a CD. Silva is much the same in that respect, Vidic is truly an amazing 'stopper' and his experience is also unrivalled by the contenders you put forward. 30 is pretty much the peak age for a CD, the best combination of experience and pace.

Nesta and Puyol (34) are clearly past their best as well, Nesta has lost an awful lot of pace (he is 36...) and Puyol's influence has waned somewhat to the point Barcelona already purchased a replacement in Jordi Alba.

Sorry pal, but Vidic is widely considered to be on the very top defenders around and highly coveted by many other top teams, indeed the likes of Juventus were trying to tempt him away. Don't pretend otherwise...

buddymagoo3855d ago

People showing themselves up for their lack of football knowledge.

How could anyone deny Vidic is a world class defender? One of the best in recent times.

I guess the haters will say what they want to make themselves feel better. "R. I. P Fergie" A lot pent up feeling right there!

Corepred43854d ago (Edited 3854d ago )

LMAO pent up feelings? No one really cares, we just know how it makes you rage! lol And you're "no captain" crap is getting old! So in order to completely wreck havok on man u all they need to do is take out vidic?? EPL is gonna have a hit out on vidic then! lol so weak of an excuse. Yes there are better defenders, just because you're so far up man u's.... you don't want to see it that way.

buddymagoo3854d ago (Edited 3854d ago )


I think if anyone understood the importance of ONE man it would be Madrid fans after all without Ronaldo this season you would not have won the league or anything else for that matter!!

Hate all you want, you know I speak the truth. You keep throwing them at me and I'll keep knocking them out of the park!

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