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Casillas for Ballon d’Or? Not When Messi is Alive

TBW - Casillas is a great shot-stopper, no doubt. He had an incredible European competition and overall great season with Madrid wining the LaLiga title but he does not deserve a spot with football sensations like Messi and Ronaldo. There is absolutely no way to award Casillas the prestigious title given the fact that his effort in any match is minimal and overall spends lesser energy in matches when compared to players who kick the ball for 90 minutes of the game.

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Corepred43602d ago

Hmm I don't know how I feel about this. I joked about Casillas winning the Ballon before but never seriously thought about it. I mean why not a keeper? He did win La Liga, and just recently the Euro. Didn't he break a record for minutes without a goal during the Euro, too? He's always solid. What do you guys think about a keeper winning it?

freeduck3602d ago

I think it's fair to put Casillas in the running against Ronaldo, Messi, Iniesta, etc. He has done a lot for Spain and Madrid over the years and a lot of what he has contributed is often overshadowed by the players like Messi who make headlines and score goals.

It's tough evaluating who gets this prize as there are a lot of world class players in Europe.

KingPin3601d ago

i dont see anything wrong with a keeper winning it. i dont see why keepers shouldnt. they also play an important role within a team.

its one thing to score goals but to prevent them should also be recognized. maybe not a ballon d'or but they should make another prestige title for goal keepers.