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Uruguay 6-4 Chile (International Friendly - 11/07/2012)

0-1: 2′ Ángelo Henríquez (CHI)
0-2: 11′ Carlos Muñoz (CHI)
1-2: 31′ Luis Súarez (URU)
2-2: 35′ Luis Suárez (URU)
3-2: 39′ Edinson Cavani (URU)
4-2: 47′ Luis Suárez (URU)
5-2: 72′ Edinson Cavani (URU)
5-3: 80′ Sebastián Ubilla (CHI)
6-3: 84′ Abel Hernández (URU)
6-4: 90′ Sebastián Ubilla (CHI)

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freeduck3791d ago

Suarez hat trick :)
Uruguay can run over any team in South America

krazykombatant3791d ago

Sadly enough thats not true. Venezuela tied them up in the qualifiers.

Conmebol is a lot harder to predict than your UEFA.

Any team can bring down another team.

Ares903790d ago

Chile used players from their local league.

Don't forget this name. Angelo Henriquez, 18 years old. He has a deal with Man Utd

DavidLuiz43790d ago

No because Universidad de Chile never gott a bid just rumours '