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Chelsea captain Terry found not guilty of racism charges

The defender has been cleared of racially abusing QPR defender Anton Ferdinand with the Chief Magistrate saying the verdict was the only decision the court could make...

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Yi-Long3859d ago

... they banned Suarez for 7 matches for the word 'negrido', which isn't even meant as racist where he's from.

Apparantly, Terry said 'Black Fu....g C...', which seems quite worse. Especially from someone who should know better.

No matter how the FA will respond, they already messed up by carrying it over until after the lawsuit, instead of taking action immediately.

I guess there are double standards involved when it would otherwise inconvenience them...(!)

freeduck3859d ago

It's because he's English and Suarez isn't

DavidLuiz43859d ago (Edited 3859d ago )

What does that got to do with anything Anton said he didn't actually hear Terry say it ... THE END - waste of time..

Blackdeath_6633859d ago (Edited 3859d ago )

i don't understand... they confirmed that he did say "Black C**t" but he is not guilty of racism? not sure about you guys but that phrase seems pretty racist to me, i can only assume that in court anton didn't put up a good case for himself.

this is a quote from the bbc "Mr Terry did not deny using the word "black" and swearing at Mr Ferdinand." if he did say that isn't it being racist?

krazykombatant3859d ago

Saying the word black makes you a racist??? damn....

Blackdeath_6633859d ago

if you want me to spell it out for you he said "Black fucking cunt" i would say that is racist.

Corepred43859d ago

That's still not racist. That's just being observant. I agree with Krazy. That's not racist, it's insulting, yeah it was meant to be. But not racist.


'That's just being observant'


Jesus Christ...

FlunkinMonkey3858d ago

i need to quote that as well 'That's just being observant'?? its worse than i thought..

Ranma13858d ago

Terrys arguement is that he heard Ferdinand call him a black cunt, but then he taught for a momennt thinking why would he call me thatm he must actually be saying that i called "him a black cunt".

so he responded by saying "i didnt call you a black cunt"

thats 1 version i heard

krazykombatant3858d ago

Woah im just saying if saying black in by itself racist. Saying blacl cunt.... Thats derogatory term. Sorry corepred. How is it observant??

Either way terryvis off the hook cuz hes english and white whilst suarez is latino.

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DavidLuiz43859d ago

It was always going to be not guilty once Anton said he didnt actually hear Terry say those words... What a waste of everyones time

Blackdeath_6633855d ago

i agree anton didn't put up a good case for him self and Terry's legal team completely destroyed anton. as much as i dislike Terry and regardless of what people think of him if the law lets him off the hook then theres not really much to argue about

MYSTERIO3603858d ago

It didnt help Antons case that not only did he not hear him say it but Ashley cole backed up Terry aswell.

silvacrest3858d ago

this is just a mess, if i were called a black cunt i would take offence but im not sure if i would take it this far, given the chance

Ninjamonkey823858d ago

Of course they let him off hes the captain of england and hes white. Now say this was Anton in for this instead and he was the person that called Terry a white f**ker?. Book would have been thrown at him.

You only have to look at your history people. Even WW2 there was as many a coloured man stood and thought side by side for there country and yet history tried to write them out of it. Some like to think it dosen't happen now adays but the same mindsets are still here today.

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The story is too old to be commented.