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Olivier Giroud Is Right Man to Replace Robin Van Persie

Olivier Giroud is capable of leading Arsenal's attack in the upcoming Premier League season, regardless of what the future holds for Robin van Persie at the club.

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Yi-Long3977d ago

... I feel every good striker who is made the most important playerin the Arsenal squad, will have a good season.

The last couple of years, Van Persie was the guy who was nr. 1. He was MADE nr. 1

Wenger made the whole team play in support of Van Persie, feeding him from all angles, letting him take all the free kicks, letting him take all the spotkicks, etc etc.

If you're a good striker and you get that kinda trust and support, you are going to have a good season.

The same happened years earlier with Henry. He was absolutely brilliant at Arsenal, also because he was allowed to be brilliant. He also had that 100% support.

It will be hard for Van Persie to find himself in that kinda position again at another club.

I don't know if Giroud is going to be the right guy to earn that trust and replace Van Persie, cause I simply don't know him, so I can't judge that... but if he's any good, and he gets the same kind of support, then he certainly has a chance.

buddymagoo3975d ago

He's going to struggle in his first year with all the pressure on his shoulders.