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Highlights: Manchester City 0-1 Al Hilal (Friendly - 13/07/2012)

69′ Nawef Al-Abed 0-1

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Golden_Dive4098d ago

Lol. Hahaa can't believe a billion dollar team just lost in a friendly ...

freeduck4098d ago

To be fair it was the City reserves.

Golden_Dive4098d ago

But they had some star players tevez toure and there were a few more

buddymagoo4097d ago


Just to point out, Al Hilal on had 4 regular starters in their team.

It is only a friendly though.

Nes_Daze4096d ago

It was a friendly, if you watch more football you'll notice that 5 star teams sometimes tie against 1-3 star quality teams in friendlies. They aren't important, so they put no effort into it.

PaPa-Slam4097d ago

LOL, this was a complete shocker, i so did not expected this.

Nes_Daze4096d ago (Edited 4096d ago )

I'm surprised that some of you think this is shocking, I've seen great teams tie and lose against shitty teams in friendlies. Spain vs. Mexico, 1-1 right after they won the world cup. Now granted, Mexico isn't a shitty team but the difference in quality players is great.

You guys still butthurt over City being champs.

Grap4096d ago

1- Mexico is not Shitty Team Nor is Al hilal. 2- go back to your la la liga or what ever is because Barca lost 3 times against Shitty team.

Nes_Daze4096d ago

Bitter aren't you? By your standards no team is shitty, don't know what team you're saying they lost to 3 times, next time be a bit more specific so I can at least correct your ignorance.

Golden_Dive4096d ago

What does that got do with city being champs?
- Your make no sense

Nes_Daze4096d ago

"Your" not fooling anybody, "can't believe a billion dollar team lost in a friendly"...Watch more football.

DavidLuiz44095d ago

ill let chivas do the work for you ;)