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Cristiano Ronaldo 7 superstition rituals

The first star of the Portuguese national team and Real Madrid, Cristiano Ronaldo already has won lot of trophies, but they were all for now for the club. Objectively, with the national team is much more difficult to win trophies since there are only two true, great competition, European and World Championships, which is scheduled to play every two years. And Ronaldo, considered by many the best European player with Portugal until now has not won any trophy.

To Cristiano Ronaldo, nobody can take away the undisputed soccer skills, but in addition to it,his superstition surely doesn’t help.

Specifically, the 27-year old Portuguese, when he plays for the national team, blindly is holding his seven ritual that “brings” him luck.

Or for which he at least thinks that should bring him some luck.Ronaldo’s “sorcery” it was not helpful to him either at the recent Euro since Portugal was knocked in the semi-final from Spain after penalty shootout.

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Corepred43854d ago

LOL Ronaldo is crazy. Perks of being the best, I guess!