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Why Does Pele Hate Messi so Much?

TBW - If I was alive 150-years from this time and reading history books, I could easily have said this whole stuff was a myth, but this is reality and each time I see Pele on TV, I know he is not going to end his statements without taking a jibe at Messi. What baffles me is that, no matter how hard Pele tries to hit-hard on Messi with his constant criticism, Messi doesn’t ever reply; somewhat like no one ever made a comment.

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krazykombatant3594d ago

brazilian/argentinian rivalry is all.

PaPa-Slam3594d ago

Extremely nicely put. Well done.

Blackdeath_6633594d ago

it is not wise of pele to make these comments. i don't know what he intends to do but it will not benefit him in any way. theres no reason for him to go out of his way and make comments about another player.

PaPa-Slam3594d ago

I never quite understood the hate myself, i guess it has something to do with Messi being a thread to his legendary status.