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Manchester United's Biggest Threats in the 2012/2013 Champions League

BR - Forget last season, Manchester United are still one of the best teams in Europe, and will be counted amongst the favourites for the upcoming UEFA Champions League campaign.

United and fans alike will be hoping that the disappointing exit at the hands of Benfica and Basel proves to be an unfortunate anomaly.

For Sir Alex and his team to progress into, and through the knockout rounds, complacency will surely be the thing to avoid.

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neoragex3597d ago Show
Nes_Daze3597d ago

@neoragez lol, that's a bit true. I find it funny when people talk so much crap about a big team losing against a smaller one, then their fav. team goes ahead and does the same.

chukamachine3596d ago

I don't think utd will be in the hunt for cl or pl.

FlunkinMonkey3595d ago

I dont even support united, or really like them.. but there's so many foreign haters!

United slip up one year and you go on like that?! United probably have had more success in cl than any team u support.

It would be stupid to say they're not in with at least a chance..

Kopite_20203595d ago

Not "the biggest threats in the Champions League" but "the threats to Manchester United", you've just alienated the majority of your readers. The title comes across a bit over blinkered and self centred does it not?

chukamachine3595d ago

I'm not hating, and i'm from

I just don't think they are as good as they once were. Alot of the players that held utd together are gone or too old. I think utd will go through a transition.

Many teams in the Premier league have more money to spend with big money owners etc.


Will all be strong this year.

FlunkinMonkey3595d ago

who says throwin money at a club will instantly work? united almost won last yr with their weakest team in yrs..

yea those teams are strong, and it will b a good watch.. but ur sayin united won't be strong either?

Gamer19823591d ago

almost won it? almost is nothing plus chelsea won the CL last year with their worst team in years so lets not go there. Last year was a weird year for football.