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Ronaldo: La Liga is the hardest

Real Madrid star Cristiano Ronaldo has labelled La Liga as the 'hardest' domestic competition in the world.

The Portugal international played a key role in his club's Primera Division title success, netting 46 times in total, and freely admits that ending Barcelona's run of three successive titles represents the highlight of his career to date.

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freeduck3847d ago

I can see where he can come up with a statement like that. Since we know La Liga is a two-horse race, every pt in the fixtures is crucial for Barca or Madrid, and winning almost every game is a very difficult task for even the best teams, whereas in the EPL, Man City can afford a few losses or draws because we know there will be upsets. Teams like Swansea, Wigan, Blackburn, etc upset the bigger teams and you rarely see that in La Liga. Still, I think the EPL is harder to win because there are a lot of clubs competing really well

DavidLuiz43847d ago

Exactly what came to mind, well said -

Anderson83844d ago

i would have to agree.. nicely put

BelieveinGhosts3846d ago (Edited 3846d ago )

Its funny that all the people who say epl is the best league in the world only watch and follow the epl and only tune in to watch Premiera la liga during El Classico's.

The arrogance of epl fan boys is astonishing. As someone who has followed both leagues closely for the past 3+ years. I have to agree with Ronaldo's comments. epl is just like COD, while la liga is like BF3.

I am saying that popularity doesnt equal quality. From my experience the bottom teams in la liga have better tactics and technique than most of the top ten in the epl. Ronaldo is honest and cannot be biased, he knows that he might end up playing once more in the epl before he retires.

There is so much evidence to support ronaldos claims. For the past 3 seasons, la liga players have dominated balon dor lists, spain has dominated international tournaments for 3 seasons, barcelona has dominated international club tournaments for the past 3 seasons, la liga teams have also dominated the Europa league which is the most accurate way to determine how strong a league is.

FlunkinMonkey3845d ago


bahaha.. u talk about arrogance? listen to urself! i watch all kinds of football including EPL and La Liga and Serie A, La liga is a 2 horse race and u know it, Serie A is better to watch than La Liga!

So Ronaldo says it's the hardest? great! u do know nearly every player who comes to EPL says its the hardest right? its has the most high profile clubs in a league, the biggest rivalries, and the biggest fights for relegation,

ur ignorance is astounding.. Europa League is the best way to determine how strong a league is? are u smoking krokodil? this in no way represents how a league progresses through a year, battles etc. the end of EPL last yr was the most epic for years!

The fact u have referred to COD and battlefield 3 in 2 of ur posts on THE SAME article leads me to believe u are a little boy..

BelieveinGhosts3845d ago

I am no little boy. I referred to COD and BF3 because if you haven't noticed this is a gaming website and therefore its the best comparison i could think of.

I don't believe for a second you watch la liga, like i said you probably only watch el classico's. Grow up and stop being biased.

La liga is not only better than epl, it is also more competitive. This part of your comment shows you have been brain washed by sky " its has the most high profile clubs in a league, the biggest rivalries, and the biggest fights for relegation". I disagree, more la liga clubs have won european trophies than their epl counterparts. Biggest rivalries, you are not a well informed individual. Do you know how divided spain is ploitically? The Castillian spanish, basques, catalonians, Andalucia. Unlike you i know the history behind both leagues so dont pretend to be a fan of la liga when you are not. This alone makes each rivalry much more intense than any in the epl because politics is usually involved.

Barca vs Real, Barca vs espanyol, Real vs Atletico, Real vs Getafe, Valencia vs levante,sevilla vs Real Betis, Bilbao vs Barca, Real vs Barca, Bilbao vs Osasuna, Bilbao vs Real Sociadad. Now Deportivo is back, the league should improve further.

FlunkinMonkey3845d ago

who said i was a fan of la liga? i watch a lot of it, yes, but i'm not a fan of the league. and who said i watch sky? u have little or no knowledge of what i watch and ur making blind assumptions, another clear sign of ur ignorance.

My ex gf lived in sevilla and i saw 3 of their matches, one being a derby game against Betis, so you really need to stay quiet when u have no idea what i've watched or seen.

ur reference to a computer game is absolutely horrible, and ur examples of matches are also pretty weak.. u mention Barca 4 times! and Madrid 4 times and Barca against Madrid twice against each other!! proves my point exactly! repetition! awful.. thats some serious selection dude. lol

U sayin i'm brainwashed because u say ur opinion is valid.. is particularly retarded. 80% of what u say are assumptions of me and my background. pathetic.. ur comments are some of the biggest fanboy comments i've seen on here, i only came on to comment because i saw ur pathetic comments calling out these so called 'fanboys'..

hypocrite much?

imtiyaz63845d ago

"More la liga clubs have won european trophies than their epl counterparts".Only 2 Spanish teams have won the Champions League, while 5 teams have won it from England. Seriously? You think we'd rather watch "Barca vs espanyol, Real vs Atletico, Real vs Getafe, Valencia vs levante,sevilla vs Real Betis, Bilbao vs Barca, Real vs Barca, Bilbao vs Osasuna, Bilbao vs Real Sociadad" over " Arsenal vs Spurs, Man Utd vs Liverpool, Man utd vs City, Chelsea vs Arsenal, City vs Spurs, Arsenal vs Man utd, Chelsea vs Man utd, Arsenal vs Liverpool, I can go on and I'm only mentioning the high profile matches. Any sane neutral would pick latter over the former set of matches and most of those mathes have been way more entertaining than the recent El Clasicos and I've been following La liga for the past 2 years. So what if there is politics involved, nobody outside Spain cares!

Nes_Daze3845d ago

I'd watch a liga classico before any EPL match. You are extremely biased, "any sane neutral"? Only time classicos get boring is when there's legs in tournaments and Real Madrid or Barca play it safe.

FlunkinMonkey3845d ago

@ Nes.. funny ur the one blatantly giving disagrees to us supporting EPL yet u give agrees to BelieveinGhosts.. 'any sane neutral'? ha, not where im standing mate! u included.

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PaPa-Slam3846d ago

Well, we as viewers can never judge how hard a League is, we can only speculate, but since he's a player who actually plays, i believe him.

BelieveinGhosts3846d ago

I guess just like COD, the epl will continue being more popular.
Go on the BBC website and you will find a video of English pundits saying that the spanish la liga has overtaken the epl as the best league in the world. If epl don't change their philosophy i can also see the German Bundesliga or the italian serie A catching up in a few years. However the spanish la liga is financially unstable so it is unlikely they will be able to maintain their number 1 position in the world if their problems are not addressed soon

buddymagoo3846d ago

La Liga is a boring 2 horse race. The Premier League anything can happen as shown by Chelsea and City's emergence.

asmith23063845d ago

You mean anything can happen when there is money involved and that could happen to any club. For me there is an air of arrogance surrounding the PL. Is it best for entertainment or the best in terms of teams that play there? People confuse the two. I agree with Ronaldo that La Liga would be harder to win because the top two who always battle it out rarely drop points. That makes sense to me.

Nes_Daze3845d ago

Guess you didn't see Levante rise and kick some ass in la liga, too busy watching United get thrashed I guess.

The_Devil_Hunter3845d ago

I would rather watch Wolverhampton vs West Brom than Getafe vs Rayo Vallecano. La Liga is decent but when it comes to entertainment EPL is the one for me.

GanjaMan3845d ago

but the black country derby is ace a better example is wigan v blackburn

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