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Highlights: Great Britain 0-2 Brazil (Olympics - 20/07/2012)

12' Sandro 12
35' Neymar (PEN)

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buddymagoo3218d ago

I really enjoyed this and was surprised we didn't get thumped 7-0

It was our 1st competitive game and we concede goals in the 1st half and by the second half we were coming together as a team and conceded none and had quite a bit of possession.

Much better than I expected!

GanjaMan3217d ago

brazil to win goal, spain - silver and gb - bronze

Kur03217d ago

it will be Brazil gold, Uruguay silver, and Argentina Bronze.

sdtarm3217d ago

it will be spain gold argentina silver and uruguay bronze

chukamachine3217d ago

England are too stiff.

Not quite wtf pearce is doing coaching a team.

English football needs a kick up the arse.

But just like england, UTD won't be winning anything in the new season.

buddymagoo3217d ago

We'll see about that! We have been written off in the past and come back and made the haters look like fools.


freeduck3217d ago

Sorry, but what the heck does MU have to do with the Summer Olypmics?

Theo11303217d ago

United or England?

5 bucks says england don't win anything.