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Arsenal Transfer Rumors: Robin Van Persie Reportedly Demanding Massive Contract

BR - Robin van Persie wants to get paid. £10.1 million per year, to be exact.

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Yi-Long3841d ago

... for a player who only had 18 very good months at Arsenal, when he's the main guy where the whole team is playing to support HIM, but has been horrible for our national squad, and fails to perform when it really matters...

Man Utd or any other club would be much better off picking Klaas-Jan Huntelaar instead. He's the much better striker, and DOES always perform.

If Bendtner or Walcott or any other good striker would have gotten the trust and support that Van Persie received at Arsenal, they would have had 25+ goals this season as well...

I hope for Arsenal's sake they'll get a huge amount of money for this guy and get rid of him, but he'll have a hard time at any other club having the same kind of season he had last year.

ElliottHolland3839d ago

There needs to come a time where you just let go of that player. Henry was very beneficial to Arsenal and I believe Giroux will be as well. Let Van Persie go to another club. He's already a legend at Arsenal, so lets not make the situation have a bad ending.

Grap3839d ago

legend hhhhhhhhhhhhhhh? you do realize that robin had only one good year the past few years he was either injured or just in the deck. behind henry.

ElliottHolland3839d ago

Okay maybe not Legendary status yet, at least not for Arsenal. Hence the word 'yet'.