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How Brendan Rodgers can inject some Barca style into Liverpool

It's no secret that Brendan Rodgers takes inspiration from Barcelona's model of playing football. The new Liverpool boss adopted some key principles from the Catalans during his time at Swansea in particular, and now he's looking to take take that one step further by using his take on total football to guide Liverpool to success. talkSPORT takes a look at some of the methods Brendan Rodgers will use to inject some Barca style into Liverpool.

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Blackdeath_6633848d ago

one does not simply change the philosophy of a whole team overnight. im sure many teams have tried playing like braca already but failed. rather than trying to change the way you play you should try to make use of the play style of the players in your team. they way things are now there isn't a single player in liverpool who can play spanish football.

freeduck3848d ago

Luis Suarez, Jose Enrique, Lucas, Gerrard, Aquilani, Borini, Agger, Reina, and some of our Academy stars like Suso and Pacheco (who are actually Spanish), Sterling and a few others are more than capable of playing the passing games. There are probably more LFC that can suit Rodgers style but I can't say for sure because I haven't seen them in training yet

KingPin3847d ago

heres the thing about barcas football, they created it.

liverpool can imitate it all they want it wont work. its not a matter of having spanish players or players that can play like barca.

the key to football is to find your own style and play to that. FYI, the barca style of play isnt new either. its taken the club years to perfect it. go and watch previous world cups where spain got knocked'll see what im talking about.

Computersaysno3848d ago (Edited 3848d ago )

Liverpool have no hope of getting into the top 4 anytime soon. Not with City and United head and shoulders above, Chelsea reinvesting big once again, along with Spurs and Arsenal possessing far superior squads.

Best case scenario for 2012/13- 5th