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Modric deal almost final

The Tottenham Hotspurs midfielder, who scored four goals and made five assists for Spurs in forty games, is heading toward Real Madrid now. His advisers will meet the Spanish side on Thursday to discuss his future.

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freeduck3592d ago

He will surely get paid more there, but will he play ahead of Alonso?

BelieveinGhosts3591d ago (Edited 3591d ago )

Modric will be behind a lot of players when he goes to Real madrid. Alonso, Khedira, Ozil, kaka are all better than him.
Modric will get to play a good number of games in the Copa del Ray and a few la liga games against the bottom 8 teams. Atleast, only person he can compete with is Nuri Sahin and Lass

Straightupbeastly3591d ago

Don't be stupid spurs get Sahin in return, at least on a loan deal

ElliottHolland3591d ago (Edited 3591d ago )

Maybe put him in for Di Maria and play more of a possession style game? Maybe?

BelieveinGhosts3590d ago

You really do not know anything about football tactics. Di maria is much better than Modric, Modric should stay in the epl or he will risk being a bench warmer in la liga

ElliottHolland3589d ago

In what ways is Di maria better than Modric? I think they are better in different ways. Did I not say if Modric goes in for Di maria they (Real Madrid) would have to change to a more possession style game play? When I look at Di maria I see not a visionary or possession holder I see a sprinter, driver, and dribbler with pace on the wing. When I look a Modric I don't see those, I see more of passer and possession holder and a flair player much like Ozil. Do you not see Ozil switch with Di maria sometimes on the sides and plays winger for a little? This is my opinion and your opinion is that I don't know anything about futbol tactics...My good sir I'm afraid I would have to respectfully disagree with you.

BelieveinGhosts3589d ago

Listen, you were suggesting that Real madrid directly swap Di Maria for Modric. That is why i disagreed. He can only be realistically substituted for like for like player such as Ozil, and maybe Khedira or Alonso.

The problem is that these players i mentioned are better than Modric and so i am worried that he will waste his talents at Real Madrid just like kaka

If a player like Kaka was bought for £60 million and is a Bench warmer for most of his Real Madrid career, then what hope does Modric have of success?

ElliottHolland3588d ago

Now, I completely agree with you on your point about Kaka and I think Modric could possibly become another wasteful purchase.

I was just saying "maybe" they would do that. Never said they would substitute Modric for Di Maria. Because they sure as hell will not take out Ozil only if he is injured or tired.