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Olympics 2012: Brazil Don't Need Any Dark Knights; They Have Plenty of Marvels

BR - Watching Brazil triumph over Egypt in their opening game of the London 2012 Olympics was almost a religious experience. Sure, the stadium was only half full and they stumbled to victory, but for those of us who were lucky enough to witness the match we saw the beginnings of what could be the team that lifts the World Cup in 2014.

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Nes_Daze3845d ago

This guy just compared Dark Knight with Avengers, gave us short little review of the Dark Knight Rises, in which by the way, he nitpicks. Then after all that crap, he compares the names of the players in the squad to the name of Marvel characters... And then...finally, like a horrible film director, gives us no substance as to what the hell I'm supposed to be reading.