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SL Benfica 5 - 2 Real Madrid (Eusébio Cup)

3' Javi Garcia (1-0)
17' Callejón (1-1)
19' Callejón (1-2)
21' Axel Witsel (2-2)
52' Enzo Perez (3-2)
57' Carlos Martins (4-2)
84' Saviola (5-2)

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BelieveinGhosts3584d ago

This result shows that Real Madrid do not have good youth players from their academy. They have to spend millions because they have no idea how to develop talent.

They need to ask barca for help in the future

BritishUK3584d ago

Not necessarily because Benfica had a much more experienced team while real had barely & its just a pre season

BelieveinGhosts3584d ago

If you read my comment properly, you would see that i mentioned youth and academy.

Offcourse i knew porto had an older and more experience team on display. Besides pre-season is mainly for fitness and doesn't prove much

dcortz20273584d ago

Real Madrid were playing with mainly subs and reserves. Players that don't get much playing time. They were up against a much more mature and experienced Benfica side. Do you really just expect a group of players who don't ever really play together to completely dominate the opposition?

BritishUK3584d ago

If you were smart enough to understand your reply below , you would understand what I meant instead of repeating it and its not porto - it was benfica for dumnone

RGB3583d ago

Don't be ridiculous, Madrid have had several great players move on from their academy and have a few hopeful youths coming through today.

Daniel Carvajal (20) - Young RB. Sold to Bayer Leverkusen but has a 2 year buy back clause.

Álex (19) - Young CM and UEFA U-19: Player of the Tournament 2011.

Joselu (22) - Young CF and has 40 goals in 72 games for Castilla.

Jesé Rodríguez (19) - Young LW and UEFA U-19 Top scorer 2012.

Morata (19) - Young ST and has 32 goals in 65 games for Castilla.
----------------------------- ------------------------------
Players from Academy that play 1st team football;

Iker Casillas - World number 1. Won everything going.

Álvaro Arbeloa - World, Euro (twice), La Liga and Copa del Rey winner.

Esteban Granero - La Liga, Copa del Rey and UEFA U19 winner.

José Callejón - La Liga winner.
----------------------------- ------------------------------
Madrid players that have moved on to other clubs;

Daniel Parejo, Juan Mata, Álvaro Negredo & Roberto Soldado.

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RGB3583d ago

Madrid played several youth players at the back, none of which are 1st rate youth players besides Varane. This pre-season game means nothing as key players were missing throughout the team.