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Wenger hits out at reckless spending

Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger fears big spending from clubs such as Manchester City, Chelsea and Paris Saint-Germain this summer will cause football to suffer.

Wenger is reportedly on the verge of signing Santi Cazorla from Malaga for £16 million, which would take the Gunners' summer spending to £39 million. However, with Europe's "mega-rich" clubs spending more than double that amount during harsh economic times, Wenger insists clubs must begin to act responsibly.

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crazyturkey3578d ago

Even if it pains me to say this, big spending by these clubs will not end, even with the new Financial Regulations coming in. If these regulations are enforced, it will mean CL and Europa league without teams like Barca, Real,and ManU and a few others. That may prove to be worst for those competitions.

freeduck3578d ago

These big clubs will find a way to get around it, City/Chelsea are getting more sponsorship deals to offset their losses
I think UEFA will soon discover that FFP is a joke