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Diego Maradona is Probably the Worse Coach Ever

TBW - I have argued it a couple of times that being a great player doesn’t automatically equate to being a great coach. Diego Maradona has authenticated that claim, he was a football legend, and probably one of the greatest footballers of all time but his coaching ability is a complete joke

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zeddy3836d ago

I agree, great player, terrible manager.

Corepred43836d ago

I don't understand how someone who was so great at football can possibly be a bad manager. I mean he knows the game! Could it just be the Maradona is just plain dumb?

The_Devil_Hunter3836d ago

Well, just because you were a good player before doesn't automatically make you a good manager. Take AVB for example, he wasnt very good at Chelsea but he did significantly well with Porto and I dont believe he was a football player before.

Corepred43836d ago

I know what you're saying man. But I don't know, you would think he would know where to put someone and when and how to scout for talent. I don't know, maybe I'm the one that has it wrong.

buddymagoo3836d ago

When you can run past about everyone and score nearly every time you don't need much tactical awareness, so I understand why he is a poor coach. Great player though!

holland19453836d ago

even worse than the grammar of this article's title?