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Highlights: Great Britain U23 1-0 Uruguay U23 (2012 Olympics - 01/08/2012)

45' Daniel Sturridge

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zeddy3778d ago

gb look good in midfield, cleverley+allen=possesion, not quite xavi and iniesta but still good possesion for a british team. allen actually looked quite close to the price tag swansea have put on him, 15 million doesnt look too bad after those 3 games.

buddymagoo3778d ago

Ramsey on the other hand is shocking! loses the ball too often and would rather make a failed attempt at dribbling around someone than pass.

imtiyaz63778d ago

I thought he played well today. Although yes, he does lose the ball a lot especially near the opposition's box and it can get really frustrating to watch.

oli3778d ago

I can't stand Uruguay, especially Suarez.

Nes_Daze3778d ago

Knew that Uruguay didn't have it in em. Quarter finals will be much more interesting.

BritishUK3778d ago

Sturridge is on fire! I dont understand why chelsea waste his talent , he should be giving more time under the new manager RDM

silvacrest3778d ago

his inconsistency and greed with the ball could be why, but playing well for GB could do wonders

karim3778d ago

Nice to see Sturrige scoring, made a brilliant move in the 2nd half as well, hopefully he will come back to Chelsea a changed man